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Thursday, June 30 “Spazio Conad” reopens with many new features Find out more – Qui Mesagne

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The waiting time is over. Thursday 30 June, Spazio Conad, in the Appia Antica Shopping Centre, reopened with many new features. Hypermarket customers will be able to enjoy a self-service restaurant area, a bar, a very fresh and fresh whole area, the new Parapharmacy store, and a large and new cellar. The hypermarket’s modernization work was carried out in record time. A significant investment by Konad was aimed at creating a “space” to experiment with a new spending concept. All news is explained in the new flyer which will be valid from June 30 to July 9. Inside, many cheaper offers and many savings opportunities are included.

“Kunad’s bet – announces the Mezzanese Partners Group – was to adjust the new “Spazio Konad” format according to the local needs of our lands, listen to the members of Mizani and support us. It was important to understand, in these first two years of activity, what the needs and customs of our lands are, in order Providing the best possible experience. From “Spazio Conad” Mesagne you can find a convenient, complete and practical offer: products, services and experiences, everything simple, within reach and a comprehensive channel, but with this special concern for people and sensitivity to the right communities always only from Conad .

An unprecedented experience beyond shopping. There are spaces created around you and your desires. There is a place where you can find a complete offer, comfortable and high quality, with services at your fingertips and the welcome of our staff.

Here is the news that we will find in the hypermarket after its renovation:

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coffee and smiles A meeting place, where you can spend time and savor the pleasure of good food: a space where you can eat, stop, attend events, create your own, use services and participate in courses. A welcome place any time of the day!

Refreshment area “Sapori e Surici”: Where you can share business opportunities, enjoy leisure moments, enjoy good food, organize events to learn and show and share personal experiences.

the pharmacy: The health and well-being of your family is paramount, which is why Parapharmacy Conad offers you a wide range of products that are always convenient. Here you’ll find all the over-the-counter and prescription veterinary drugs always discounted, and plenty of relief on homeopathic and natural products and personal care cosmetics.

Spazio 22095 MESAGNE Flyer (1) 2

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