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The company that could upend the plans of the EU and the rest of the world

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Diesel engines are discussed a lot, even in these hours. But what many don’t know is how much it seems they can still give motorists. Any project can make great powers falter.

There is less than twenty years to a real revolution in the field of cars. We are referring to the choice of the European Union to have exclusively electric motors, or in any case environmentally sustainable, thus saying goodbye to internal combustion engines. Among them is also diesel, which in any case remains a viable alternative at the moment. How can the story we will tell today bear witness.

Diesel car (web source)

Diesel engines: that’s why they have no future

It is not yet clear when diesel engines will hit, but they are generally more prepared than gasoline engines. However, the revolution that will effectively affect the auto industry between now and the next decade is sure not to rule out even one of the best-selling and beloved engines of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The fact that they may not have many years to go is due not only to EU directives, but to the advent of electricity.

But instead, for an environmental need force change No matter what governments, brands and drivers obviously want, cars or candidates. Many diesel vehicles are already struggling, in 2022, to appear in and out of town. So sooner or later their farewell was still Certainly to predict. This won’t save our planet, but it certainly puts less breath on its neck.

Diesel engines, an incredible achievement: Volkswagen, more than two thousand kilometers with a full tank

Speaking of diesel, a car powered by a famous engine has really done an amazing feat. We are talking about the Volkswagen Passat, which in the US in 2012 managed to drive well 1626 miles on a full fuel tank. In fact, 2,619.6 kilometers. The average certified consumption of a car is less than three liters per hundred kilometers.

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To make this pledge realistic, John and Helen Taylor. The two were driving an unmodified version of the American car, equipped with a 140-horsepower 2-liter TDI SE engine. A matching six-speed motor is on sale for about $25,000. the couple It also broke the European record In terms of increased savings.

The previous record was about 1,500 miles and was always held by a Passat, but with a 1.6 Blumotion engine. A definitely special machine, which from the point of view of consumption does not disappoint in the least.

The Taylor couple (web source) August 20, 2022
Taylor Pairs (web source)

And even its drivers have something more in this regard: they show off Ninety records of consumption around the world. It is not known how far the two have slowed down their Volkswagen, on a journey – their journey – which started from Houston to hit Sterling. All this, completed in just three days with a maximum of 14 hours of driving per day, carrying about 50 kg of luggage.

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