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Third win of the season for CP Babene Grosseto in the U15 Championship – Grosseto Sport

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Under 11, Sarzana B-Papini Grosseto 1-6

Sarzana B: Okafor, Ena Fonsillo; Bonaldi, Rangoni, Jimenez, Joele Funcello, Ulivi (1), Radvizon, Bonomo, Bugliani. Flock Mattia Respogliati.

Babene Grosto: Sinjari, half-bearded; Alice Sorbo, Bourdain (1), Gabriel Sorbo (1), Amerigui (2), Oguzoni, Spinoza (2). Coach Fabio Bellan.

Rule: Matthew Righetti.

Third win of the season for a team Babene Skiers Club Grosseto who invades the path Sarzana range b With a clear 6-1. The sons of Fabio Bilan practically finished the match in the first half, which ended with a 3-0 lead, with thirty from Tommaso Spinoza and a goal by Elias Bourdain 49 seconds after the siren. In the second half, the Ligurians immediately paid off with an Olivi goal. Goals from Gabriel Sorbo and Nicolo Amerigui, within fifty seconds, put an end to the semi-final 6–1 to Amerigui with 36 seconds left.

Other results: Printing Senesi Prato-Sarzana A 0-4, Siena-Cgc Viareggio 1-12, Follonica-Rotellistica Camaiore 3-9. classification: Sarzana A15; Viareggio Hockey, Babini Grosseto, Camaiore and CGC Viareggio 9; meadow 6; Sarzana B and Siena 1; Volunteer 0.

The Championship Challenge has been postponed to a later date Under 13 years old Davitti Tuttoauto Skater Club And the MT Forte dei Marmi. Results of the fifth day: Viareggio H-Skipper Castiglione 15-3, Rutilestica Camaiore-CGC Viareggio 5-0, Sarzana-Folonica 2-4. Ranking: Follonica 15; CGC Viareggio and Sarzana 9; camior 6; Tuttoauto Davitti Grosseto, Cgc Viareggio, Castiglione 3; Marble Fort 0.

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