December 6, 2023

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Three thousand with Zerocalcare welcomes Stria, the new space in Piazzale Gasparotto

Three thousand with Zerocalcare welcomes Stria, the new space in Piazzale Gasparotto

Ivan Grozny Compass
May 26, 2022, 7:55 pm

There is Zerocalcare and the answer is inevitable, many flocked to listen to him speak with Claudio Callia. For an hour or so, the “cartoonists” dealt with topics that were never expected, such as the works they produce.

It was Omid Firoz Tamir who opened the evening, explaining the goals of this space to many people, not just the young: to overcome “deterioration” by promoting culture and society as an alternative to controls and militarism. The Stria space was born from the ashes of BiosLab with a broader configuration. Three thousand flocked this evening. There was talk of social urban renewal, cultural production, and the discomfort of many that should not be abandoned. Like the protagonists of Tearing Along the Edges, the Zerocalcare cartoon has managed to touch the hearts of millions of people by tackling issues that are often seen as taboo. There was inevitably talk of published and planned comics. Zerocalcare is working on the new spin-off, Kalia leaves for Iraq. The two are so close, Kalia made her library debut on the Zero Tolerance record. It was 2008.

If Zerocalcare has been instrumental in introducing comics to the “honourable arts” through the main door, Calia has the advantage of bringing comics to the Middle East. The first exhibition of comics in that region was organized in 2017 in Baghdad. He actually discovered the authors who publish and sell their stories today. About to return, Zerocalcare also shares this great interest in what’s happening not far from us. Zerocalcare predicted, farewell around 7 p.m., that it won’t stop doing “doodles,” but will be limited to a few quick signatures. At 9 p.m., he was still holding the sign in his hand. He is always helpful and attentive, which is one of the reasons why he is so respected and loved. And for this reason, among the many requests that he has to take part in this or that event, the fact that among the very select few versions he chose to come and open Stria, one can only appreciate it.

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