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Those who grew up north of Rome made Vietnam

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At the age of 13, he made his debut in his father’s movie “Don’t Move”, but those, for Pietro Castellitoson of Sergio Castellitto NS Margaret MazantiniIt wasn’t exactly easy years. In an interview on SET, the thirty-year-old actor, writer and director has a book, “Glee Eberbury,” and a film written and directed by him, “I’m a Predator,” telling about his adolescence in northern Rome. It does not exclude anyone.

North of Rome is like Vietnam

“I don’t think there is a more ferocious place. Those who grew up in northern Rome made Vietnam – he says – but it is also a very sensitive and transparent world. A world in which the basic values ​​of existence – the desire for power, beauty, money and success – remain in vogue. Dynamics indicated by my original world.” A large part of civil society is passive.

School was never his passion, even if he managed to graduate in philosophy, unlike the world of cinema, to which he devoted himself very early. He is best known for playing Francesco Totti in the Sky TV series ‘Speravo de mori’ prima, and his last appearance in cinema was in the part of Cencio in the movie ‘Freaks Out’ by Gabriel Mainetti.

I was hoping Di dies first, Antonello Venditi takes the “exam” for Pietro Castellitto

study years

“I was a troubled child, he says, and I came to school cAccused of spitting in Rafiq’s diary. I threw the eraser into my bag, and took her diary, not yet knowing how important a diary was to girls. I was called to the presidency: I found the principal, the deputy principal, and the professors in a semicircle. I denied it was me, but given the many crimes, I was paranoid that they were going to have a spit DNA test, so I specified: “But I touched those diaries.”

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When did you realize that I am the son of Sergio Castellito? «The day when Raffaella Cara said on TV:” Here we have Sergio Castellitto, the greatest Italian actor. What about Margaret Mazantini? “When he won the Strega award. I was watching him from home. I called her and she answered me. At that moment I saw my mother on TV talking to me on the phone.”

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