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Inter, play European football in Naples. Entertainment is a necessity, not a choice

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La Gazzetta dello Sport focused on the match awaiting the Nerazzurri: Will the 90 minutes be different from the match against Juventus?

Everyone hopes so, across the board. Hopefully it will be a good football match between Napoli and Inter, regardless of who comes out on top. Because we still have before our eyes the disappointment of the bad scene presented by the Italian derby with Juventus last Sunday. Luigi Garlando also confirms this, in his editorial today for the newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport: “Tonight, a week apart, Napoli and Inter are playing another great match. Let us hope that we do not leave Maradona with the desire to launch more football into our ears, perhaps that of the time.” “Diego.”

A certain kind of football, which it should be trivial to even assert, is a necessity rather than an option. Otherwise this sport could not have a future: “Everyone is free to win as they think, but the search for beauty must be a shared commitment, like environmental protection. Winning is not enough. The sinner is not tempted because he wins, but because of how he wins.” . “He won, how exciting it was. The Juventus-Inter match, the best on paper, was a terrible advertisement for a movement already suffering from frustration due to the failure of two World Cups. You cannot predict the result, at a low pace and with mediocre technique, and then expect to play in the Champions League on a ball.” The foot used there.”

Hence the hope that 90 minutes of great passion will arise between the two teams that express themselves at their best in Italy: “Inter reached the final in Istanbul because they polished European football that had given up playing in Turin. Inzaghi already” in the round of 16 of the League European champions, almost Mazzarri. Naples is a city of theatre: entertainment is sacred, even in everyday life. Let’s hope so this evening. This applies to everyone: you either look good or you die.”

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