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This move could upset the market

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With soaring fuel prices rocking the global market, both in terms of energy and just in the auto sector, the new bounty dedicated to buying electric cars seems nothing short of a godsend.

The respective reward has been published in Official Gazette It offers a series of additional incentives for families with an income of up to 30 thousand euros from ISEE, it is also reserved for car rental companies and a contribution equal to 80% for the installation of recharge points in private structures, namely residential units, offices, garages, squares.

Electric Vehicle Bonus –

Here’s the couple: electric cars have been the real novelty of the car market in recent years. Either because Elon Musk made it attractive just for the way he advertises his Tesla, or because electric cars are more autonomous and therefore more attractive, the truth is that the government has also decided to take care of it.

Electric cars: that’s the bonus

The first topic covered by the ruling published in the Official Gazette is about electric cars. Anyone who comes to the dealership with an ISEE not exceeding 30 thousand euros to buy a car is already entitled to one discount Higher than the price of an electric vehicle or a hybrid equipped with electricity. In fact, 164 million dollars were allocated for these purchases of electric vehicles and more than 192 million dollars for additional components.

Wallbox - 20221008
Wallbox –

Thus, the incentive to buy a car with it increases by 50%. Emissions from 0 to 20 g CO2/km and from 21 to 60 g CO2/km. The contribution has been translated into numbers From a minimum of 4500 to a maximum of 7500 For pure electricity e From 3000 to 6000 euros For electric hybrid cars.

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Car rental companies are also included in these incentives, which, however, have been reduced by 50% and will also apply to “Legal entities that rent cars as long as they hold their ownership for at least 12 months“.

But if the electricity sector is on the rise, it is also natural to talk about Wallbox charging stations and shared stations: for this type of device, an 80 percent contribution to the purchase and installation of infrastructures is expected. On a personal level, the limit is 1500 euros per person, while we are talking about entire condominiums about 8000 euros in total.

For this team of devices, i.e. recharging systems, the government provided an amount of 40 million euros obtained from the Environmental Bonus Fund equally for 20 million for both hybrid and electric cars. Thus, resources rose from 220 to 200 million and from 225 to 205.

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