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White sharks, why not exist in aquariums? The danger has nothing to do with it

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In the aquariums of the world, even in the largest, there are no white sharks, why? Their danger this time had nothing to do with him.

Painted White Shark Attack (Pixabay)

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If one thinks about it, the aquariums of the world, even the largest and which are admired by thousands of tourists every day, There are no white sharks. Is it because of their extreme aggression can frighten the curious? not exactly. In our imagination, the white shark is dangerous, aggressive and greedy for the human body. This myth is fueled by books and movies, but it’s not entirely true.

In fact, the white shark is not attracted to humans, and human meat is not included in its typical diet. Why are these species not found? In any aquarium From the world? For decades, scientists and biologists have tried several times to introduce the great white shark into tourist aquariums, but with little success. Why, at some point, decide not to capture them anymore?

Because white sharks are not suitable for tourist aquariums

Caught white shark
Great White Shark (Pixabay)

Scientists and biologists argue that this huge and fearsome animal is not capable of this live in captivity. Whenever they try to introduce it into environments other than its natural habitat, or the shark shows signs of suffering, through strange behaviours, or diedWell, instability. Why can’t a sea giant like a great white shark survive captivity?

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An amazing fact has been confirmed: this wonderful species suffers a lot in captivity and therefore let himself die. The white shark, seeing its space limited, no longer feeds. But not only that, because marine biologists have found many of them Breathing problems in the samples taken.

This means that the animal must always be on the move in order to breathe properly, and that the limited spaces suffocate it. Moreover, the shark is considered a hunter, so it feeds only on prey that it catches itself, not accepting its placement with food. Finally, another factor that contributes to animal death is salt concentration in fish tanks.

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Despite regular checks by experts, it is almost impossible to replicate the correct concentration of natural sea salt. This causes imbalances as well condemns species. So it is better if these wonderful animals live freely in the oceans of the whole world, and not confined to narrow tanks. A simple rule that must be applied to any living organism.

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