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This is why Rey was never a Palpatine, but she is definitely a Skywalker ⋆ Star Wars Addicted

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The emperor reconfirmed the kinship of Ray several times in Episode IX: The Rise of the Celestialsbut in fact, the protagonist of the sequel trilogy was never real Palpatine db. The mystery of Rey’s parentage has remained constant throughout the sequel trilogy, ever since she was first introduced in the series Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Only in the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga does he discover the truth, while rejecting his lineage and adopting – instead – a surname heavenly.

According to the Emperor, Rey is indeed Palpatine. At first it was believed that this meant that Palpatine had started a family: a mistress, children, and therefore a granddaughter. But The Rise of Skywalker and the novel Shadow of the Sith They reveal that Ray’s father was actually a clone Dathan, was created to house Palpatine’s soul, but unfortunately was born without any connection to the Force. However, many fans consider Rey to be the Palpatine who stole the Skywalker title from Luke. db And a guardian db.

Clones and natural children are not the same, modern age, or we should think of Rex db Son and heir of Jango Fett db, For example. Although Dathan was free to live on Exegol db Although the Emperor deemed it a failed experiment, he never adopted the surname Palpatine, and indeed repudiated all his connections to his original matrix, fleeing the Sith’s hidden planet to live on his own. Right after escaping he will meet Miramir, the woman he will later encounter with Rey.

So if her father wasn’t Palpatine either, how could Rey be considered the true heir to the Emperor?
Even Palpatine was only interested in Rey when he discovered her existence, thus understanding the potential of this young girl, capable of welcoming a powerful Sith spirit, skills her clones were shown not to have.

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Rey wasn’t actually Palpatine, however, in every aspect except genetics, she became a Celestial. After all, with the passage of time, we have come to understand that Celestials are real.”samplesof the Force: beings chosen by the Force itself to help maintain a healthy balance between the Force The dark side and the light side. Anakin db She did this by destroying the Sith Order with her son Luke, and Rey embraced her legacy when she stood up to the Emperor, stopping him from resurrecting and starting a new order.

If Ray Palpatine was just a tool, for Ray Palpatine db He was just the embodiment of evil, with whom he had nothing in common. In fact, the emperor would probably find it very insulting to see a cloned daughter take on his title. In fact, we recall, Palpatine has no interest in sharing power with his descendants: his only goal is absolute power, which he seeks through his obsession with immortality.

If Rey had, in fact, brought down the dying Palpatine, his soul would have occupied Rey’s body, thus birthing a new reign of terror, at the height of which we would have found the Emperor again, albeit ‘disguised’.

Ultimately we can say that Rey is much more in Heaven than Palpatine, with whom she not only shares no ideals, but also shares no true genealogical bond with her.
Should this fact satisfy us? Definitely not: The Sequel’s narrative choices are subject to personal taste, like everything else. But those narrative choices tell an exact story, and this one does, too this.

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