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Content that no one expected arrives

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Netflix is ​​constantly updated. From the end of December, new content will arrive that no one expected: let’s find out what it is

The most famous American platform in the world never ceases to amaze its users. We are well aware that to access first-play content you need to activate a paid subscription.

Everything changes on Netflix (photo crmag)

It doesn’t always happen and there is no shortage of smart people trying it steal features, Duplicate a file The password. There are a lot of fans of this platform, especially because of the TV series. There were many who thought of giving it as a gift Birthday gift.

It was enough to buy a simple one Netflix gift cards In electronics stores such as media world Or in bookstores like Mondadori and Feltrinelli. This, however, can be found in supermarkets such as Konad and Coop. This card can be used by those who already have a file Participation And for those who have never done so.

Not everyone knows about it, but they will land on the platform at the end of December new content No one expected her, in collaboration with a famous brand.

New content on Netflix: From December 30th

We are well aware that Netflix fans are above all those who like to laze around, however Netflix will make room for fitness courses, exactly Nike Training Club. The news that stunned fans of the platform.

However, the idea is a winner because after the holidays everyone will try to get back in shape and get busy Physical activity. Even in the catalog From December 30, 30 hours of exercise content will arrive, obviously translated into different languages. The Nike app offers many disciplines, from Yoga to Hiit. You can also set different goals, and for most courses you won’t need to have any tools.

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Netflix: How the tournaments will be split

Let’s talk about the content that will be released in 2 slices: The first will be released at the end of December, and the second in 2023, but the exact month is unknown. The first slide will appear 46 episodes divided into Five courses: 6 episodes of Feel Good Fitness, 13 episodes of Kickstart Fitness with the Basics, 14 episodes of HIT & Stregth with Tara, 6 episodes of Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga, 7 episodes of 2 Weeks to a Stronger Core.

Everything changes on Netflix (Canva Photo)
Everything changes on Netflix (Canva Photo)

The movie and TV series platform believes a lot in this project. It often happens that you are determined to watch a show, movie or documentary during your workout. In this way, Netflix will not have to target original content in this segment, moreover, Nike can find a new channel to get more ads, and thus find new users.

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