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This dark matter is fraught with danger

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The search for dark matter in the universe continues. Technological passion

Dark matter remains at the center of science’s efforts as it hopes to solve one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

there dark matterAccording to cosmology, it is a hypothetical component of matter different from the normally known component, which would not emit any kind of electromagnetic radiation and would only be detectable indirectly through its effects, especially those related to gravity.

the name dark matter It arises from the difference with ordinary luminous matter, due to the lack of radiation in every frequency band, both in the visible to the naked eye and in the infrared and not even in the ultraviolet.

The first to notice its existence was the scientist Kent Ford in 1964, but it was only in 1974 that the American astronomer Vera Rubin discovered the existence of dark matter, Which alone occupies about 27% of the mass of the entire universe.

to author a file dark matter They are not compact objects, but hitherto undiscovered particles that can be highly symmetric like massive neutrinos, massive neutrinos, or other particles that have never been observed and are subject only to the force of gravity and the weak nuclear interaction.

The discovery of dark matter

Actually, it is Dark matter has not been foundBut only hypothetical. In fact, scientists did not discover the substance as such, they were able to discover traces of it The laws of gravity Then suppose it exists. According to these studies, not only does dark matter exist, it can make up 90% of the mass in the universe and about 27% of the total energy density of the visible universe.

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Planets - Dark Matter - Universe
The effects of dark matter are felt in gravity. Technological passion

The most recent experience in terms of dark matter XENONnT was led by Elena Abril, a professor of astrophysics at Columbia University. despite of Advanced technologies used It was not yet possible to reveal the status of this matter. But without knowing the entity one is looking for, it is difficult to determine the right tool to look for.

Being able to find them would tell us a lot about the evolution and functioning of the universe. According to a hypothesis put forward in 2014 by two Harvard theoretical physicists, Lisa Randall and Matthew Rhys, even if it is not considered dangerous, dark matter The asteroid that hit the planet may have deflected towards Earth, which could have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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