May 29, 2023

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This 50 Euro banknote is worth a fortune: Photo

After 20 years, the euro completely replaced the previous European currencies, including the lira, even in everyday habits. Adaptation was not easy, especially for coins (just think of issuing 1 and 2 euro cent coins, which were quickly set aside) while the situation was different for banknotes. These, unlike coins, were more easily accepted, also because they were instantly recognizable, and one of the most used in each region is 50 euro, for several years even the most forged in terms of “pieces”. Since it is a “medium” category (in the middle between 5, 10, 20, 100 and 200 euros), it is particularly suitable for any form of payment.

This 50 Euro banknote is worth a fortune: Photo

Dimensions: €50, orange, 140 x 77 poison In both current versions, the first and second series are called Europewidespread since 2017. Many of the examples are particularly interesting, in this case banknotes that have a certain serial number or at least an unusual one.

As with any example of paper money, there are two main factors that make banknotes or coins valuable compared to traditional items: rarity and conservation status. So 50 EUR with consecutive (eg S3456789) or “reversed” (eg S093454390) sequences is worth a lot more than face value because they are printed in smaller quantities.

Printing errors are also important: in particular, some rare copies of 50 euros contain an error of this type in a file safety theme Visible on all banknotes as an anti-counterfeiting system. Normally these carry the sample value but some are mistakenly found at €100 instead of €50 as shown in the photo.

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Even if it can be a fake (it is better to check it in a bank), this kind of error is recognized and if the banknote is original, then it can be worth up to 700 euros if it is in perfect condition.