October 4, 2023

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Thirteen students are semi-finalists from Science and Youth

Thirteen students are semi-finalists from Science and Youth

An original insight and innovative voice in the scientific debate. This is what thirteen young Ticino students who will participate in the semi-finals of the Fifty-seventh National Competition of the Foundation for Science and Youth have attempted to propose the most important scientific competition of the national level in which projects will be carried out as part of the High Competition. School or the end of the training work is engaged professionally. On the afternoon of Saturday, January 14, the young candidates will present their research to the panel of experts and other participants. At the end of the day, the names of the finalists will be announced who, having perfected their investigations and honing their presentation techniques, will participate in the final act of the national competition which will be hosted this year in a completely new venue. Campus Square in St. Gallen.

For the Cantonal High School, Lugano 1 will participate: Davide Biondi, Til Neubecker, Gregorio Silvestri, Fedro Fioravanti and Mark Aleshkin. For high school in canton Lugano 2: Amelie Gabbio, Martina Cireale, Alicia Campino, Massimiliano Feroli, Linda Ferrario, Giuseppe Luvagnini and Stefano Hauswirth. For Mendrisio High School, there will be Alessio Pastorella instead.

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