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Cyani's film debut boomed with 950,000 euros on New Year's Eve – The Final Hour

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The adventure of Alessandro Ciani's new film, “It Happens Even in the Best of Families”, begins with a bang, at the top of the New Year's box office: produced by Fulvio and Federica Lucisano, an Italian world cinema production with RAI Cinema and Distribution 01 Distribution, achieving on the first day of programming 950 thousand Euro with an average copy of 2561 on 366 screens and more than 126 thousand spectators.

“I am very happy with this result, which confirms our expectations and the vitality of Italian cinema at this moment. Long live Italian cinema! Everyone goes to the theater!”, comments producer Federica Losisano.

“We are very happy with the first character of Alessandro Ciani's new film. “It happens even in the best families” took first place at the box office on the first day of its release with revenues of 950 thousand euros. Italian spectators rewarded the director for choosing to return. To films of pure entertainment and pleasure “, confirms Luigi Lonigro, Director of 01 Distribution.

“Yesterday I went to the cinema – says Alessandro Ciani, screenwriter, director and main actor – I entered the theater and during the screening of my film I felt the audience laughing, having fun, something wonderful: people, collective laughter, “the magic that only cinema can recreate!” Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Long live cinema! Long live comedy!

The film's cast includes Cristiana Capotondi, Dino Abrescia, Anna Gallina, Antonio Catania and with Eurydice Axne, Lucia Sardo, Sergio Frescia, Adolfo Margiotta, Evelyn Fama, Anandrea Vetrano, Silvia Mazzeri, Antonio Orivesi and Sebastiano Somma.

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