Home Economy Gasoline for 3 euros? The government is trying to curb expensive fuel

Gasoline for 3 euros? The government is trying to curb expensive fuel

Gasoline for 3 euros?  The government is trying to curb expensive fuel

Refueling or blowing? – Social networks are full of memes about expensive fuellike 10 euros of petrol which translates to making the driver smell a dispensing gun: the irony is always exaggerated, but the crazy prices are more than real, so much so that Minister Singolani, the price increase “has nothing to do with the reality of the facts, it is a speculative spiral from which only he earns.” Little Huge scam At the expense of companies and citizens. “The psychological wall of €2 per liter has been overcome with momentum and There is even talk of 3 euros, which is equivalent to just under 6000 old liras. In many quarters, it is proposed to amend a file tax collection, which includes a value-added tax of 22% and the infamous excise duty, which is a tax on the production and consumption of goods. We remember that taxes also finance things that don’t make sense now, like the reconstruction after the Vaguet disaster (1963) or the Florence flood (1966): they also don’t cancel to make money. Service station operators, worried about the downturn in consumption caused by exorbitant prices, are calling for a VAT reduction from 22 to 5% while among the parties, a proposal for VAT sterilization on price increases and lower production fees is making its way.

Working on several fronts – In fact, ANSA reports that the rapporteur of the bill that will transform the decree of law, Luca Squire of Forza Italia, said “I will propose sterilization of the aquarium On fuel, at least for the quota due to recent increases. There’s talk of about 10 cents a liter, not much compared to the price hike, but it’s at least something. “Fdl, Forza Italia and Lega ask to intervene in production fees while directors Faib Confesercenti and Fegica Cisl, Vegesek/Anisa Confcommercio propose the return of the so-called”mobile excise tax“, that is, a decrease to compensate for the rise in VAT revenue resulting from the price hike. The terms of its application – the price of oil has increased by more than 2% compared to the value set in Dpef and the fact that its international price in the previous two months has not decreased by the same percentage – are (unfortunately) widely respected. The Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Gilberto Piccito Fratin, told TG3 on February 24, “I think that The government must intervene As I did against the expensive bills. The increase in prices has led to a rise in revenue, which I estimate at around 1-1.5 billion euros, and therefore one can consider the sterilization of the value-added tax. ”

Let’s try with stock – We remind you that even if the price in the pump increases a lot, the Revenue from managers It stayed the same, a few cents per liter. The weekly average price survey on March 7 stated that at €1.953/litre, the excise duty was €0.728 and the value-added tax was €0.352. Another countermeasure is the use of stockpiles: the International Energy Agency (IEA) has already announced on March 4 that “the member states of the International Energy Agency have decided to produce 61.7 million barrels of emergency oil stocks9.5 billion liters sounds a lot but it is only 3% of the total stock; Italy fired about 2 million barrels, Japan contributed 7.5 million barrels, and even Luxembourg contributed 109,000 barrels. It is also moving by contacting exporting countries willing to increase their production. .

Transportation is difficult – In this context, one of the sectors most affected is Transport of goodsTo the extent that Trasportiunito announced that “as of next Monday, March 14, road transport companies will suspend their services nationwide due to force majeure.” The association clarified that it is not a strike or a specific demand, but rather an initiative aimed at coordinating demonstrations about the state of extreme need in the sector.


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