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Alonso ready to amaze in Canada: long run over hard – F1 pilot – Formula 1

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Second row goal, then who knows: Fernando Alonso And one of the best protagonists of Friday’s free training in Montreal, Alpine Canada. The ten penalty points already fixed for Charles Leklerk open a place in the second row in view of the competition and the candidate holding this prestigious position from appearing in PL1 and PL2 is not the Mercedes driver, but the two-time world champion (not forgetting the best time trial signed by Sebastian Vettel).

Alpine has accustomed us to being very competitive this season, and then performance drops as the sessions progress, but Canada can be the exception, which goes better with the Gilles Villenov-named Circuit A522. Aerodynamic efficiency. To make up for Alpine’s most significant tire decay, Fernando Alonso faced simulation of a long run with a hard tire, covering almost ten laps with an average time of 18 “0, with an average time of 18” 2. Conducted by Verstappen with medium mix.

Alonso commented on a very encouraging Friday for Alpine: “I think this is another good Friday for us. The car works well on this track. We have not raced in Canada for many years and this feeling is a bit different than in previous years. In ground-effect cars, for example, you get a different feel than you previously felt at the curbs. Overall it was a good experience. We should still try to gather as much data as possible from the point of view of race.

More trouble Estephan O’ConnorJust finished tenth: “It’s important to fine tune the car and upgrade to a track like this, and I think we made good use of both sessions. At the start of FP1 we were a bit unlucky, a plastic bag stuck in my right front brake and wasted my time, but it was still a useful day. , We have a competitive carSo we hope we can take advantage of the opportunities that are available to us. “

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