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Beware of this device that is used by many but can greatly increase the cost of your bill if you do not take some precautions

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How much do common household appliances consume? As seen above, It is not easy to establish it with a general standard. There are many factors to consider, such as time of use or device class. However, it is also true that at the same time of use, some risk consuming much more power than one would expect.

In particular, we should pay attention to this device which is used by many but can significantly increase the cost of the bill if you do not take some precautions. This is a water heater, also known as an electric boiler, a device that many Italians use to independently heat water for home use.

Beware of this device that is used by many but can greatly increase the cost of your bill if you do not take some precautions

In a house of three people, an 80-liter electric boiler with a power of 1200 W, a heating requirement of 1410 kWh / year and a consumption of 1565 kWh / year would be a good cost. 506 EUR.

This was reported by the portal of SELECTTRA Italy, which indicated that an electric kettle alone, in the same house, would increase the bill more than all other appliances combined. In the default distribution of consumption of the current commonly used household appliances, the water heater alone It consumes 38% of the electricity.

How to avoid excessive energy consumption with electric boiler

The advice of experts can be summed up in the following points:

  • at the time of purchaseChoose a water heater of a suitable size for the real needs of your family unit;
  • Choose the right location, not too far from the devices that will have to send water to it;
  • Avoid keeping the water heater running all the time if the water is used intermittently, by programming it to turn on and off with a special timer;
  • exactly the contrary, Leave the heater running all day long if water is used more often;
  • Set the temperature at 40°C in summer and 60°C in winter;
  • Do regular maintenance of water heater
  • Instead of that, Choose a less expensive system to heat the water.
(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers towards the tools in the house or in the garden. For this reason it is recommended to take the utmost care and care with the tools of the house and garden to avoid unpleasant accidents anyway, it is highly recommended to read the warnings given Who is the”)

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