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Alessandro Bongiorno is proof that there is something in football that transcends money and Arabia. But his gesture of love for Torino should not be considered a defeat for Atalanta or Urbano Cairo

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On the fourth of May 2023 AD. Alexander, good morning He put all of Superga’s opal air into his lungs and then hardened his heart and gaze and raised the tone of his voice. With pride, infinite and eternal, because when, even though he was not a commander in charge of Turin, he read the names of the fallen on the Grande Turin, on May 4, 2023, he said that he had “dreamed of this moment many nights before today.” Today, the 31st of August 2023, Alessandro Bongiorno from Turin, who graduated in Business Economics in February this year with a thesis on marketing his life team, said no. He said it with his usual proud look, after days of reflection, because after sixteen years of Granata history, since Silvano Benedetti brought him the pen to sign his first contract, this was an important moment. He left Torino, Torino, to pursue legitimate ambitions, to go and earn more money and play in a team returning from an excellent summer in the transfer market like Atalanta Percassi, D’Amico and Gasperini. Instead, he never accepted: he thought about it, pondered, while all the other pieces fell into place. Yes it was missing. he was not there.

Old love in the Arab summer
Bongiorno did not say no to avoid popular uprisings. No one in Turin competes with the player. No one mentioned it, and no one criticized it. Yesterday he was on the phone for a long time in Philadelphia, with the agent, with the companies. Reflections, words, long comparisons. He had the option later in the evening to have the strength to scream. break. This certainly represents a different case from all the other nos we have said this summer, even to Saudi Arabia. There was a question of choosing life, Italy or Riyadh, France or Jeddah, and all the different climate, food, culture and family. For Bongiorno it was a story of childhood, heart, blood and love. He said no by making important economic sacrifices and given the current situation of Atalanta and Torino, as well as European ambitions.

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Atalanta’s ambition, footnote work, Cairo’s decision
However, Bongiorno’s gesture of love should not change the judgment of the action of the other three components in the play. Focusing on a boy with these values, on and off the pitch, on his potential and perspective, once again demonstrates the foresight of an ownership and management like Atalanta. He has an economic agreement with all parties, and the heart is not in control, but what can we say to the goddess who has practically managed to fulfill all of Gasperini’s desires this summer? The same applies to the player’s entourage: Giuseppe Risso actually found the right person but then, on the decisive evening, in the meeting in Milan with Bongiorno, he understood the desire of the boy who had accompanied him throughout his career. The deal was not completed, as happened with the large returns of Urbano Cairo and Torino. It is true that many fans objected to the possibility of the Philadelphia native transferring the Granata Boy (which is already written), but observing the situation from the outside, without romantic entanglements, Cairo and Vagnati would have made the most economical use of the Good Morning route in the grenade and they already had two shots ready (Issac Henn From Hellas Verona in defense and also a man in attacking midfield). In fact, they would try to reinvest in the market, by making money but also by spending. For this reason, no one should be considered defeated in this case: nor should Atalanta with its ambitions. Not those who follow the player who tried to better define the economic lines of the story. Not Torino, who tried without hypocrisy to collect as much as possible and then reinvest and accept the way things turned out. Good Morning wins if anything. Whoever loves football that no longer exists wins. Or maybe not.

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