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“They’re gone, it’s the thunderbolt’s turn.”

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Along with the avalanche of Marvel House announcements and trailers for the upcoming plots of the MCU, Kevin Feige was also expected to appear on stage D23 to answer some crucial questions fans have been asking for a while. Although there are two new films Avengers I declare, that the answer has stunned everyone.

Since then, a lot of ads, trailers and various promotional materials have followed D23 From Disney. Obviously, the most anticipated paintings were those of LucasFilm and Marvel Studios. As for the first, the sad confirmation ofHarrison Ford Farewell to Indiana Jones, while the latter gave happier updates. Only the second season of loki got one New historic entry from Indiana Joneswhile the The first exclusive trailer for Ironheart Many other subtitles have received trailers and updates. We will summarize some of them below.

But one of the defining moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a short clip, in fact, Kevin Feige He briefly confirmed the end of the Avengers concept itself. Sure, many of the original lineups are already dead or have their gowns hung, but the team can still stand up to new recruits, especially if there are two new—albeit very generic—titles assigned to them. Now, however, Kevin Feige has asserted: “number, There is no longer an organization like the Avengersbut Now we will have thunderboltsIt’s my turn,“.

It’s clear that the numerous announcements from D23 weren’t just about heroes and superpowers, especially during the past few days’ panels dedicated to Younger band: From Exclusive trailer for The Haunted Mansion to the first National Treasure Official Trailerfrom the sudden announcement of A new musical wish with Ariana Deboss Until the first series Pixar Long Figure with Win or Lose. But there was one of the most acclaimed surprises Revolutionary Avatar 2 CGI In the new trailer on the D23.

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