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“They raped us and told us to do it in the name of God.” Shocking confessions of a daughter from a family of horror

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They used the words of the Bible to justify it abuse And the harassment that has been practiced for years on their thirteen children. This is the shocking admission of Jennifer Turpin, along with her sister Jordan, in an interview yesterday on the American television channel ABC.

condemnation rape and sexual assault of David e Louise Turbin It dates back to January 2018. Thanks to a phone call for help from one of the children, all thirteen children have been released and finally taken out of the “horror family”, after years of harassment. In 2019, the parents of the two young women, who are now 33 and 21, were sentenced to 25 years in prison.

“God would have allowed us to kill us: before they beat and abused us,” the two girls said on television, for the first time in a public interview with journalist Diane Sawyer.

Horror Conversation: They exchanged pictures of child abuse

the story

«We were threatened with belts and sticks. They also often told us that if we did not obey all their requests they would confine us to bed for several days» Jennifer Turpin continued. sister, Jordan broke the silence and allowed law enforcement to intervene on January 14, 2018.

Run away from home and call the police: “My little sisters are tied to the bed with chains,” Jordan told the agent by phone.. Then, once he got to the police station, he confessed to the violations. In the smartphone she was holding, there were videos and pictures of the abuse she and her twelve siblings had been subjected to. “We have all come close to death many times. Then I said to myself, ‘Maybe I will not be able to escape and I will die, but I have to try.’ So that day I decided to report everything,” the young woman explained to the interviewer.

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The family lived in Perris, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Nearly all of the thirteen brothers were severely underweight and had not showered for months when they entered the house.

Pedophilia, a priest sentenced to 15 years in prison for abusing three minors in France takes refuge in Lebanon, and also raped his niece


The abuse and harassment was so “heavy, pervasive, and prolonged” that it stunted younger children’s development. Two still had muscular dystrophy issues, while the other two would not be able to have children.

Several brothers changed their names to free themselves from the stigma of “family of horrors” violence. “For many of us, our surname is really hard to bear. It’s like a label, keeping us forever abused,” Jennifer continued.


In the days following their release, both adult and minor children were taken to hospital for treatment. Then a real solidarity contest began on their behalf, with donations from all over the world. However, for the young ones, legal guardians were appointed who would support them and hand over the collected money once they reached the age of majority.

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