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“I thought about retiring after the last injury. Now I want to dream with Milan” – OA Sport

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“I thought of giving it all up.” Alessandro Florenzi speaks of himself with an open heart About what happened in recent months, as the Roman winger grapples with A After another long hiatus in his careerThen he talked about the joy of returning to football, so that the valid match for the second leg match of the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League round of 16 with Milan against Tottenham is aimed at.

The reigning European right-back with Italy has released a long interview with StarCasinò Sport in which he recounts what he’s been through in recent months. In fact, the former Roman He has been out of action for a long time (He was injured during the match against Sassuolo in the fourth round of Serie A), but now it appears that he is suffering from Laid behind the injury that hit him In a certain way. “It’s a problem we hardly see in this sport. The first few weeks weren’t easy, I was so frustrated. There were some moments when I wanted to let it all go: I shut myself out, surrounded by the affection of my family – the most important thing to me – that helped me get out of the loop Then when I saw the field and the ball again, the desire to start over came back.”

Alessandro Florenzi, as mentioned, Then focus attention in light of the comeback against Tottenham, The most important match in this period for the Rossoneri, who sees a great opportunity to return to the quarter-finals of the major continental club championship: “The boys put in an important performance in the first leg at San Siro, which is what the whole group needed. We went through difficult times. The team played a great game, the comeback is coming soon and we have to work even harder to continue this dream.”

Football, Roberto Mancini: “Against England we trust the momentum of Napoli, Zaniolo and Genonto…”

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Another joke about him The Rossoneri season as a whole and about the goals of this second part of the season:We started with the goal of winning the Scudetto, the goal of the second star. Obviously there are opponents too: if Napoli continues at this pace, we will be the first to praise them. Then we set ourselves the second goal: qualifying for the next Champions League. We will do everything to get back evenings like the ones we had with Tottenham.”

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