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They no longer allow you to withdraw from an ATM

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Anyone now uses an ATM or card to make their payments. ATMs in particular for withdrawing cash from ATMs, but be careful, the card can sometimes be swallowed by the counter.

ATM confiscation –

When we withdraw cash in ATM, You always have a little anxiety for fear of the counter Swallow the card e Don’t return it.

This can happen at different times, That is why we must be careful Not achieving it and above all knowing what to do if it happens. Here’s what you need to know.

Does the ATM swallow the card? Here’s what to do

An ATM swallowing a card is something that doesn’t happen often, but It can happen if you are not careful.

Receiving from ATMs
ATM withdrawals –

We know very well that after we withdraw, we have withdrawn 30 seconds of time To be able to get our card back, but if you get distracted, it can become a problem.

What to do if this unpleasant thing happened? There are ways to fix this, but it’s not always easy to get your ATM back.

If the ATM withdraws the card during the working hours of the chosen bank, You must immediately go to the counter and report what happened. A bank employee will definitely help you get it back, but only if you are the owner.

ATMs –

In fact, if you happen to withdraw money to other people, it becomes more complicated. The card holder will then have to go to that specific bank, so that he can then provide the details and wait for the withdrawal.

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On the other hand, if the institute is closed, you should immediately contact green number Customer support is available 24 hours a day (usually).

But far from the exact timing of withdrawing the card, the ATM can hold it for other reasons.

Why does the counter keep the card?

Another of the reasons It can cause the card to be held by the bank counter is the wrong PIN.

ATM keyboard
ATM keyboard –

In fact, sometimes he may even realize that he doesn’t remember his code, perhaps because he has multiple bank accounts or simply because of a carelessness error. If, in fact, I tried to enter the PIN more than 3 times and then the card gets stuck.

This happens to Prevent anyone from stealing money from an account they don’t ownIt is a security method to prevent bank account corruption.

So, if your ATM is new, I recommend that you always remember the pin code, and maybe mark it in a safe place always, so you don’t find it easily.

Another motive The account can then be in red: Know that if you do not have money to withdraw, the counter may block the card and it will be very difficult to get it back.

Warning: This may happen though The door has been tampered with By an attacker plotting to steal the card and money, hoping that the victim will escape from the ATM in question.

ATM tampering: is there compensation?

If you are having problems with your ATM due to tampering with your electronic teller machine, The concerned bank is obligated to compensate the customer.

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In fact, the customer is always protected by Italian laws, he must always be compensated for the amounts withdrawn from his current account without justification.

This is because The bank has a duty to ensure that ATMs are not tampered withNo matter how fast the customer spends himself to stop the ATM the counter keeps.

If you take literally all these precautions, you will see that you will not have any problems with your ATM.

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