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Fiat Campagnola 2023, the car that will fulfill the dream of many

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The Fiat Campagnola is the car of our grandfathers and fathers, still engraved in everyone’s hearts. This is what a Lingotto off-road vehicle could look like

Fiat Campagnola 2023 – Engines

there Fiat Campagnola about to come back trade? Many of us, especially the elderly, remember this well “Off-road” in Lingotto, It was born first as a military vehicle and then as a civilian vehicle. In its civilian version 1101/1102 CampagnolaAnd 1107A New CampagnolaAnd in military versions AR5x and AR76A, this car was produced From 1951 to 1987.

History and development of Pope John II’s car

the story of this The car is very curiousand spent nearly 40 years of Italian history, with a leading role. was at the beginning fifties When Italian Ministry of Defense, I noticed that pocket Those who left allies, are now old and without separate pieceOr decided to change it.

The same Ministry Then he asked those interested to produce and suggest a Agile off-road model. The engineer Giacusa from Fiat, At that time, one of the Italian mechanization geniuses, I spent before this idea, began to study and design one All-Italian car But she took the legendary as her model US Army Jeep.

Fiat Campagnola 2023 interior
Fiat Campagnola 2023 interior – Motori.News

there Fiat as soon as Campaniola Model 1101This machine was presented to the Ministry which got the best from Alfa Romeo 1900 AD Military, Then production started for military purposes from this car. Right after that, he also started marketing uses civilians which was a huge success.

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there Campagnola, As well as being used byarmy, is popular for two other reasons. The first is that in 1951, in the last month of the year, two Fiat Campagnola crossed all of Africa from north to south (From Algiers to Cape Town)Recruitment, fro, alone 11 days 4 hours 54 minutes. This record is still a world record to this day.

The third reason is that for nearly 30 years 1980 until 2007, Campagnola has been used almost always, first since then Pope John Paul IIthen who Benedict XVI, as the Popemobile. In one of these cars, the Polish pope was attacked by terrorist Ali Akca.

The new Fiat Campagnola 2023
The new Fiat Campagnola 2023 – Motori.News

New Fiat Campagnola, price and engine

We told you about the history of this famous the carsBecause of the many rumors inside the house stilants, Which indicates that we may see soon The legendary Campagnola.

The submit – make Developed which you can see in the video included in the article, speaks of the rebirth of this Fiat for gasoline engine 1.9 Turbo Petrol 250 HPWith Four-wheel drive.

there aesthetic line From the era-style car, focusing on Sportsmanshipto attract even one young customers. As for the equipment, Dell said gasoline engine Engine can be added Hybrid and electric.

The idea is to develop a file Little Wrangler Four-liter engine 175 hp. exchange will be 6 speed manualor automatically with ben . input Eight reports.

to any concern price, According to the variety models and engines, have to go on From 22 thousand to 30 thousand euros.

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