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“They gave me back my life”

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In the end, things went as everyone expected. Or rather, as many had hoped, at least through social flows. It is on social media Johnny Depp He shares his first reactions to the news of the victory in the defamation trial against Amber Heard. A poignant speech that traces the last six years of Hell.

The reason, in the end, was Johnny Depp. Just this morning, the court asked a Postponement of sentencing in Dib’s trial I heard to give the jury more time to deliberate, only to have it announced less than three hours before Rule It has been accessed and will be announced at 12:00 PST, which is 9:00 PM ET tonight. In the end, Johnny Depp won the caseand get to admit all charges raised regarding the article of the ex-wife of Washington Post and context 10 million in compensation and 5 million in damages. As for Amber Heard’s countertrial trial, the jury awarded her $2 million in damages and no damages.

The actor was not in court because he toured onstage with Jeff Beck and apparently didn’t have time to get back to Virginia – lawyers were only given an hour to get to court – but after a few minutes he shared it. Long message on social mediawhich you can find at the bottom of the article for which we report the full translation: “Six years ago, my life, the lives of my children, the lives of those close to me, as well as those who supported and believed in me for so many years changed forever. All in the blink of an eye. Criminal, false and very serious allegations were directed at me across the web, resulting in an endless barrage of hate, Although no action has been initiated against me. He’s already traveled around the world twice in a nanosecond and has had a seismic effect on my life and career“.

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Six years later, the jury gave me my life back. I am really honored. My decision to pursue this case, knowing full well the magnitude of the legal hurdles I would face and the inevitable global landscape of my life, was made only after great consideration. From the start, the goal of pursuing this case has been to reveal the truth, regardless of profit. Telling the truth was something I owed to my children And to everyone who has persisted in supporting me. I feel at peace knowing that I finally succeeded“.

I have been overwhelmed with love, tremendous support and kindness from all over the world. I hope that my search for this confirmation of truth will be useful to others, both men and women, who have found themselves in my situation.. I hope those who support them never give up. I also hope that the general position will return to innocence until proven otherwise, whether in the courts or in the media. I would like to acknowledge the noble work of the judge, jurors, court officials, and mayors who sacrificed their time to get to this point. And to my tireless and steadfast legal team who have done an amazing job of helping me share the truth. The best is yet to come and a new chapter has finally begun. Veritas Noncam Beret. The truth never dies“.

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