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Rain of money and with the new law the stamp has been canceled forever

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There is a lot of help in the front of the car because motorists have been hit hard by inflation.

All Italian families have a very difficult time moving forward, but it is really the same motorists They are particularly affected by inflation.


In fact, it is not just about the cost of gasoline, But spare parts are also becoming more expensive Thus, for those who own a car, it is increasingly difficult to move forward.

Lots of help just in front of the car

But a lot of new aid is coming from the government On the front of the car and it is important to take advantage of it.


First aid from the state is 7,500 euros bonus when buying a new car, But what is most debatable is certainly the help related to the character, which in many cases is abolished. When buying a new car, you can get a bonus of up to 7,500 euros. In fact, if you buy an electric (or low-emissions) car and scrape a dirty old car The reward will be 7500 euros. But a very important bonus is also the so-called retrofit bonus. In fact, the The retrofit bonus allows you to get 3,500 euros if you perform the operation called retrofit. Retrofitting involves replacing your car’s old diesel or gasoline engine with an electric motor.

Car bonus and road tax aid

If you make this replacement, you can get a discount on the cost incurred Which can be up to 3,500 euros. So this is a real opportunity for motorists not to be missed. But certainly the most interesting and most realistic means is precisely Those of the car tax. In fact, for some citizens, the car tax is abolished while for others you can get a 20% discount. All citizens can get 20% discount on paying car tax Payment by domiciliation on the current account. So by doing this very simple process, you will automatically get a discount of around 20%. The amount of the discount depends on the region but is always applicable. However, with the current legislation, you can also get a complete exemption from vehicle tax.

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Complete exemption from stamp duty

In fact, as we know, car tax is one of the most hated taxes by Italians and Italians would certainly like not to pay it anymore. But not paying the car tax is quite possible even in three different cases. First of all, electric cars are exempt from motor vehicle tax. But electric cars are not the only ones. In fact, even cars Covered by Law 104 and even old cars are completely exempt From paying the bus tax but today a huge saving on the front of the car also comes from these sites Which allows you to compare different policies with each other Insurance Choose insurance that costs the least and the savings can be really big.

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