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Therese Coffey, British Minister of Health, revived life with alcohol and cigar-

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From Luigi Ippolito

Thrse Coffey is an old friend of Prime Minister Truss, who also chose her as his deputy. She is a staunch anti-abortion and anti-gay catholic

from our reporter
London herself admits it: I am not a role model. Thérèse Coffey seems an unlikely choice to lead the Ministry of Health, with the atmosphere of her pretentious icon with a few extra pounds, along with her passion for cigars and champagne. Yet – or perhaps because of this – the 50-year-old from Lancashire immediately became the most sympathetic exponent of Liz Truss’s new British government. Therese – Indeed Tees and Liz are longtime friends and close friends: And the conservative prime minister wanted her by his side, and also gave her the position of deputy prime minister and thus his right arm.

On the day of the government’s debut, Coffey was sent to work as a radio and television interview lead: she was instantly recognized when the phone rang with a rap by Dr. Dre while speaking live on the radio. In fact, Therese shares her passion for karaoke with Lizso much so that their performances at Westminster have in the past attracted the attention of house clerks.

But a picture that says more than a thousand words is the one she depicts at a party in 2015 with a cigar in her mouth, champagne in her hand, and an alcohol-stained T-shirt.. Thérèse did not deny anything and when it was pointed out that her behaviors were not in line with what is expected of her healthcare provider, she replied that her focus is on patients: I know I would get all kinds of comments – she said – but I was also a patient on the NHS, where I had some great experiences And other experiences that could have been better. Four years ago, in fact, Kofi was finished In the hospital for a month with a timely undiagnosed meningitis that nearly killed her. He had to go through a long rehabilitation process but made a full recovery from his faculties.

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more than her personal behavior which has instead earned her the applause of many voters, who, fed up with the boring men in gray, Her political views are baffling: ardent Catholic, Therese opposes same-sex marriage – Introduced by the Conservative Party itself in Great Britain – As well as extending the right to abortion to Northern Ireland. However, she promised, despite her personal beliefs, that she would do nothing to question the legislation on the termination of pregnancy: I’m a Democrat–and affirmed–and the past thing. One thing is for sure: Kofi is about to make a strong mark in British politics. On the other hand, she studied chemistry at Somerville College, Oxford, like another lady who preceded her, named Margaret Thatcher.

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