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Hakim Ziyech’s future is increasingly filled with uncertainty and mired in mystery. The Moroccan playmaker had already chosen how to move in regards to the next transfer market session.

Several quiet seasons, with levels much less bright than expected. Hakim Ziyech He totally failed to show the long-awaited leap in quality after his move from Ajax to Chelsea.

Ziyech’s future hangs in the balance –

Born in 1993, the Moroccan playmaker is considered one of the world’s greatest talents. But al Chelsea Do not find space, it is only considered a good alternative to attack.

Premier World Cup held in Qatar with a jersey Morocco, West, sunset Ziyech could definitely be relaunched. But you might need a file Change the shirt For the North African player, at a club that gives him more space and more confidence at the start.

Potter talks about Ziyech’s future: He wasn’t ready before the World Cup

the Milan It is the team that probably dreams of welcoming more than anything else Zyach. The Moroccan would be an ideal reinforcement for the trooper, both as a number 10 and as an attacking winger.

The Rossoneri are considering whether they will be able to stage a coup in January, and perhaps they will take Ziyech as a formula lend with the right of redemption. But it won’t be easy, especially for issues with the Playmaker’s cumbersome sharing.

Meanwhile, remarks Graham Potterthe Chelsea manager, was specifically on the future of Ziyech who has recently played very little in a Blues shirt: “Ziyech had him play against Manchester and enter the race against Newcastle. Before he left for the World Cup he wasn’t ready, I saw him step behind 11 starters. We know his qualities and he is an important player and he showed them in the World Cup. We are happy for him but he must be patient, Here at Chelsea there is only room for great players“.

potter ziyech
Potter talks about Ziyech –

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Statements that on the one hand emanate from praise Hakim Ziyech, which Potter still considers an integral part of his team. But perhaps at the same time it could be an ultimatum to Morocco: either accept his condition patiently, or otherwise Maybe he’s packing his bags. It all depends on the ambitions of the footballer himself.

Milan, why the Ziyech deal has not been resolved

the Milan She welcomes Mr. Potter’s words with interest. But the deal Zyach It will not be easy, as mentioned for purely economic and budgetary reasons.

The Rossoneri have excellent relations with Chelsea in terms of the transfer market, but in order to secure a loan for the Moroccan, they must secure it well. 6 million annual salary at No. 22 of the Blues. Too much for the coffers of Milan, which has very precise wage rules.

In fact Redbird Capital He would endorse such a high salary only for a footballer: that is Rafael LiaoMilan’s jewel that must be armored as quickly as possible.

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