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“There is no place for customers.” The new list in Tar

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The new regulation regarding the placement of outdoor furniture for catering establishments on Rue Roberto da Barry in Tar expires. On January 20, the owners of the eight companies located in the first block of Via Roberto da Bari, near the University, the only area of ​​the road currently designated for pedestrians, appealed against the regulation prepared by the municipality of Bari last November. The problem would have arisen from the fact that if the new regulation was respected, the spaces would be too small, and the places for customers would be reduced.

Municipal list of tables and umbrellas

The municipality of Bari, by decision of the Council, attempted to address the problems complained of by the residents and citizens, aligning the situation with the situation already in other pedestrian areas of the center, such as Via Sparano and Via Arghero. Above all, following some indications of the oversight body, he instituted a unified project for the occupation of public lands which arose “out of a need, particularly in connection with a growing interest in cultural and normative levels for the protection of landscapes and the preservation of heritage historical and architectural interests, for the proper regulation of the occupations of public lands coherent with particular reference to the historical centers and cores of the city, without neglecting the new regulations of the rules of the road, cultural heritage and landscape.” According to the new regulation, the spaces occupied by the furnishings must necessarily be interspersed with unobstructed zones, and at least one and a half meters wide. At the time The same, the areas used for activities must also be furnished in a homogeneous manner, and thus not characterized by solutions without continuity.For furnishings, the height of any installed awnings must not exceed 240 cm (minimum height was 220 cm instead).Moreover That is, the supporting structure for itself shall be made of iron or wood with white or ecru coverboard, which has no vertical descent.The awnings shall not contain any book No additional coverage that may obstruct pedestrians will be permitted. It is necessary to ensure uniformity of colors and the furnishings themselves, which must necessarily be of certain types. But the sticking point is certainly not the color of the chair or the width of the table.

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MUNICIPIO I, Leonetti: “Decree binding by order of the supervisory body”

The issue at the heart of the activities resorted to is the placement of the furnishings themselves, and the obligation to make space. A solution that forces them to put tables and chairs in one bar and thus leads to a sharp drop in seats. And the first mayor, Lorenzo Leonetti, confirms in this regard: “The municipal law is unfortunately bound by the order of the supervisory authority, which prohibits the placement of balconies attached to the entrance to the building, and obliges them to maintain a minimum distance of one meter from the entrance.” Thus, the regulation cannot be modified as it is associated with restrictions which the management itself must take into account. It will now be necessary to know what the TAR will decide, which is the last course the owners can take after attempting a dialogue with the municipal administration. It is hoped that the question will be resolved as soon as possible, because the warm season, especially in Bari, is upon us, and for the same activities it will be necessary to have certainty about how to place the outdoor furniture. In the meantime, there is no news regarding the pedestrian order via Roberto da Barry, made by the merchants as traffic has not yet been closed. The coordination had written to the municipality last November, hoping to conduct a new trial in the spring. But for now, Marino de Belles del Barreto points out, there has been no response.
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