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There is no opening for the new southern curve

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Calcio Padova has informed its fans that tickets for the second leg of the second national round of Serie A between Padova and Juventus U-23, scheduled for Saturday May 21 at 20:30 at Estadio Euganio, will be on sale on Vivatikit. Circuit (web and point of sale) starting at 10am on Tuesday, May 17th.


Anyone who buys a Padova-Juventus Under 23 ticket will receive a discount coupon of up to 50% that can be used at the Macron store in Padua (via Croce Rossa 120, Padua) to purchase official Calcio Padova products. The discount is valid for the whole month of May 2022. In the case of an A4 size ticket, simply cut off the coupon on the ticket; If you have a ticket in another format, you will need to keep the ticket and present it at the Macron store. The club reminds all its subscribers that the event is not included in the 9-game package signed for the second round. Due to the importance of the challenge and the consequent potential high turnout from the crowd, all fans are encouraged to arrive at the stadium early rather than close to the start of the match, to avoid creating a crowd at the moment.

the prices

the prices:


entire drop*
luxury armchairs

€. 50.00 + dp and commissions €. 35.00 + dp and commission
white shield chairs

€. 35.00 + dp and commission €. 25.00 + dp and commission
old glory chairs

€. 25.00 + dp and commission €. 20.00 + dp and commissions
Western Forum

€. 15.00 + dp and commission €. 10.00 + dp and commission
East stand

€. 10.00 + dp and commission €. 7.00 + dp and commission
North Curve Guests

€. 10.00 + dp and commission €. 7.00 + dp and commission

* Reduced to: Women, under 15 years old, and over 65 years old

Tickets will be on sale until the official start time of each match, on the web channel and at Vivaticket points of sale (you can find the nearest point of sale at the following link: ricercaapv). The Euganeo stadium ticket office will be closed on match day, while the guest strip will be on sale until 19.00 the day before the match.

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