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The Canadian duck is flying and guiding thanks to China (+ 40%)

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The Canadian duck is flying and guiding thanks to China (+ 40%)
A Canada Duck Campaign (ph. Official website)

Canada Duck Holdings In the second quarter of fiscal 2022, total revenue increased by 40.3% to $ 232.9 million (மாற்று 206.9 million at current exchange rates) from $ 194.8 million (8 168.5 million) in the same period of the previous year. Direct revenue to consumers ranged from $ 46.2 million (€ 39.9 million) to $ 83.2 million (71.9 million). In China in particular (+ 85.9%) growth was driven by sales of existing retail stores due to e-commerce performance and retail expansion. Total turnover was $ 147.9 million (127.9 million euros) compared to 118.5 million (102.5 million). This increase was due to the timeline in which the order was sent earlier than the 2021 financial year. It was driven by inquiries from total stakeholders due to the low level of disruption caused by the epidemic. The IFRS non-adjusted EBIT was $ 16.1 million (€ 13.9 million), with a margin of 6.9%, $ 15.7 million (€ 13.5 million) and 8.1%. Non-IFRS adjusted net income was $ 13.2 million (€ 11.4 million) compared to $ 11.5 million (9.9 million). However, the total limit for DTC was reduced from 76.8% to 73.7%. On the other hand, the total sales volume increased (from 47.6% to 49.4%). Net income also fell from $ 10.4 million (மில்லியன் 9 million) to $ 9 million (7. 7.8 million).

“Our second quarter results show our momentum,” he said Danny Reyes, Chairman and CEO. “In all channels, we see strong growth indicators. With the acceleration of retail options, the importance of lifestyle type and the flexibility of the supply chain, we believe we have the right basis for a good financial year end.

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For the year as a whole, sales are projected at $ 1.125 billion (9 970 thousand euros) and $ 1.175 billion (1 1 billion), compared to the estimated profit of $ 1 billion (60 860 thousand) last May. Between $ 1.17 (€ 1.01) and $ 1.33 (1.15). Estimates based on macroeconomics and health sustainability. (All rights reserved)

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