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There is anti-bear spray in the woods, but the law is very vague – Trento

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TRENT. “Pepper spray to repel a bear? It could work, of course… but it’s currently on the market. Limit is not enough. Want something else. You need one used in Germany or Canada, where you have to deal with grizzlies. Dario SegandiniOwner “Center Armory” In Piazza Lodron in Trento, he knows the mountains and those who frequent them. Drama at Caldes (Val de Sol) – Death of the Runner Andrea Bobby (age 26) following a bear attack – has sparked controversy over wildlife management in Trentino (critics have rained down on plans to reintroduce bears and wolves) but it’s also changing trade trends. Yes, because we will stop going to the mountain from today. In fact, Trentino Marketing’s effective, aggressive and expensive advertising campaigns aim to bring more people to higher altitudes, even where bears are found.

So it’s all talk of temporary laws, systems for the safety of hikers. “We need a new national law – Segandini explains – which allows the sale of sprays that today are commonly used for urban protection. Today, 15 milliliter cans (15 euros) are sold in specialized stores, which are easy to keep in a handbag or pocket. Are they also valid in case of a bear attack? “They do something. Can, but I have a feeling they have more psychological value than anything else.” In short, the “Linus cover” is what consoles but you don’t really need.

We are in Secandini’s armory and he opens one of the packages before our eyes. Reads again: “Made in Germany. Range up to 3 meters. But I have some doubts whether it will work with a wild animal of tonnage. It shows at what distance it can have some effect (see photo). Looking at it, at that time the bear is already One can say that won. “Yes, it is difficult to think of stopping him. The main thing is that it is appropriate to introduce larger spray cans, which have the same content and greater dispensing power: in Germany there are twice as many cans as sold in Italy (against our 15 30 ml). In Canada they have half kilo cylinders.’

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“Adults can work up to 10 meters,” explains the lawyer Mario Giuliano, who has always been against the Life Ursus project. In yesterday’s “Il Nuovo Trentino” he said that bears and wolves should be removed from the Trentino environment. And in 2013 Giuliano himself wrote to the Minister of the Interior (then headed by Angelino Alfano) to legalize anti-bear spray. “It’s been ten years. Had they done something, a lot of suffering would have been avoided.

Let’s go back to the armory. Segandini explains that the spray currently on the market is used by people who frequent the mountains or forests: “Hunters or woodcutters. But usually we sell it to girls who use it for personal protection, in the city or when they travel. At that moment a woman in her 30s and 40s walks into the shop. “I Looking for it – he says, pointing to the can – the other morning I went for a run and two women tried to snatch me. I chased them, but to no avail.’

Back to the bear. In fact, Segandini explains, national legislation is needed to switch to more powerful sprays (same content, higher dose, higher range). It is clear that they are bought by criminals who can use them for robbery. Authorization from the police station”. What does this type of spray contain? Let’s read the label: 10% Capsicum (a genus of plants in the Solanaceae family; besides the well-known pepper, this genus includes a variety of hot, ornamental and sweet peppers); 2.5% Capsaicin (for mammals, including humans). chemical irritant and creates a burning sensation in all tissues it comes in contact with).Put aside the pain of this drama and put aside the controversy over wildlife management, let’s not stop going to the mountains, forests. Works best against Three shots and the bear is sure to escape.’ They weigh like real guns. Variable cost: from 50 to 150 euros.

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