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What the World Cup left us with – a who’s who of Canada’s market players

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A World Cup with zero points and considerable negatives Canada, but laying the groundwork for the future is even more important. The group of Croatia, Morocco and Belgium is not an easy one, as evidenced by the fact that two teams reached the semi-finals. The player who leads the movement Alphonsa Davis, Bayern Munich’s left-back, is one of the world’s best in his role. The Bavarians are unlikely to snap him up, after all, as buying him would require a significant investment, but Real Madrid have been conducting studies in recent months to understand the feasibility of the move.

Who can certainly ignite the market Jonathan David, an exposure of Lille already worth 50 million euros. Bayern Munich want to take him to Germany and could offer the Frenchman an offer, but three teams in the Premier League are keen to lead the attack on the class of 2000. Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United are ready to fight for him. It would be crazy to beat it. It’s hard not to think about it for a player who currently ranks 9th with 3 assists per game after 19 goals with Lille last season.

Another perspective that may soon improve quality Tajon Buchanan, born in 1999 for Club Brugge, the winger confirmed his excellent performances at the World Cup after already playing in a Champions League group stage with the Belgians. His performance especially in Serie A has not gone unnoticed, with Milan, Juventus and Napoli seriously considering investing 12 million euros, his valuation, to sign him, develop him and turn him into a forward. the future.

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