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Then an American newspaper removed the tweet – RENOVATIO 21

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American newspaper USA TODAY She hastily deleted a series of tweets after some users were exposed to the scandal and began arguing that it amounted to “normalizing child sexual abuse”. bring it back top news.

The newspaper “Al-Alam” quoted the claim that the sexual abuse of children was “identified in the womb.”

On January 11, Twitter account USA Today Life He wrote: “In the past decades, the science of child sexual abuse has improved. One of the most important discoveries is that sexual abuse of children may be identified in the womb, even if environmental factors can influence whether a person acts out of abusive behavior.”

However, within hours, the entire thread of tweets was removed and a new tweet appeared that read: “The previous topic did not include all the information and the story that was written about it is behind the paywall. We have decided to delete the topic ».

However, screenshots of the tweet are now circulating online with links to an article titled “What People Still Don’t Understand About Child Sexual Abuse”.

The summary of the article reads, “Scientists who study this disorder say there is a growing consensus that children’s sexual orientation is determined in the womb.” Please note the use of the word “disorder” (“disturbance“) instead of “illness“,”illnessThis is the disease.

“The original thread and article discussed how there was a ‘misunderstanding’ about what a pedophile was and that ‘not all pedophiles abuse children.’ The thread sympathized with pedestrians, absolving them of responsibility for their actions,” he writes. top news.

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“Baby lovers may not control their attraction to children,” the original tweet said, which requires further treatment and “treatment.”

“Evidence suggests they are innate and neurotic,” according to “sex researcher” and “pedophile expert” James Canton.

Normalizing child sexual abuse is a process that has been going on for several years.

In 2014 yes A scientific conference was held at the University of Cambridge (2014), which confirmed that “Interest in having sex with children is normal and natural for male human beings».

Child sexual abuse is frequently relaunched by the international press as a “disorder” that is not necessarily criminal. In October 2014, The New York Times, the world’s leading newspaper, published an article titled “Child sexual abuse: a disorder, not a crime(“Pedophilia: An Inconvenience, Not a Crime”).

The author of the article writes about the “misconception that child sexual abuse is the same thing as child sexual abuse. You can live with child sexual abuse and not act accordingly. Sites like The lover of virtuous children They provide support for pedophiles who do not molest children and believe that pedophilia is wrong. It is not that these individuals are “inactive” or “non-performing” of CSA, but rather that CSA is a condition rather than an act. In fact, research shows that about half of pedophiles are not sexually attracted to their victims.

The author wrote, Professor of Law at a prestigious institute law school Dale New Jersey.

This logic was also echoed in Italy in an article published in 2015 employmentHuffington Post «I’m gay, but I’m not a monster», who reported a message from a homosexual to the US site, Where the difficulties of being a pedophile are revealed: “After college, having to deal with the real world and possibly finding and marrying a girl had the effect of falling into a deep depression, as he also contemplated the hypothesis of suicide.”

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“Please be understanding. That’s all we ask of you. Treat us like people with a huge disability, not like monsters. If we’re in the world without hurting anyone, we just need your help. Listening to me was a start” writes the last quote for Fond children.

In 2018, a TED Talk in Germany, which was removed from the network and often re-uploaded by some users, caused a scandal because the speaker argued that pedophilia is not an option, but a constant trait of a person.

“Let me be very clear on this point. Child abuse is undoubtedly wrong. But a pedophile who does not abuse children has done nothing wrong (…) According to current research, pedophilia is a consistent sexual orientation, just like Heterosexual relations, for example. Nobody chooses to be a pedophile. Nobody can stop being a pedophile.”

As we can see, the idea of ​​normalizing child sexual abuse – at least, at this level, as a “disorder” – shows no sign of fading away. exactly the contrary.

For those who want to understand how the normalization process works, we recommend learning the structure of the Overton window, the different stages in which any idea can become a law: unimaginableAnd fundamentalistAnd acceptableAnd sensitiveAnd pluralAnd legal.

In the stage from the unimaginable to the radical, there is often an allure of science (“Human eating is wrong, but anthropological studies have shown that some New Guineans…etc”) which can then continue into later stages.

We leave the reader to point out what stage of exaggeration we are now with pedophilia.

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