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The unstoppable Heinz Beck, a chef with a thousand faces between creativity and science

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It amazes Beck, and even still amazes. No wonder. Born only in German and with an unmistakable accent, the chef has always preferred realism, silence and his ability to stay behind the scenes of his kitchens scattered around the world, rather than the lights that often shine in this environment. On stage, he gives an interview to Antonio Scuteri, editor-in-chief of “IlGusto”, recounting the most important moments of his career, from those daring beginnings, as he defines himself, in which he arrived in the Eternal City without knowing anything. Italian word. “I arrived in Italy at a very young age and was really unconscious. I was offered to run a restaurant and I accepted. It was a leap in the dark and fortunately it went well. The beauty of youth is that it makes you do these fools.”

A philanthropist who has been doing well for unexpected times, Certainly before it became fashionable. His first approach was in 2000, when he and a team of experts began to question the effects of food on the digestive stage. The first major research documented, in 2006, with work on insulin fluctuation.
We seem to hear a scientist talking – “We are doing a study with the University of Teramo on post-meal oxidative stress and how to channel digested macronutrients. What I care about now is the mix of dishes for my guests, and how to make them feel better. Our work begins when the guests get off the table. If they wake up in The next day is cheerful and ready to face one day, it means that we have done well. Many underestimate the moment of digestion, here the work of a chef must be understood. It is not enough just to eat well, on the contrary. Let’s try to understand the meaning of good eating. For me, food should be Healthy first, then delicious and then beautiful. Creating suggestions is essential, especially for your collaborators. They must fall in love with this dish and know that they are part of something really important.”

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Unparalleled Heinz Beck Technology It is second to none, and in recent years, thanks to the use of new technologies, has managed to create exquisite gastronomic masterpieces. “We recently put on the menu a dish called ‘Cappadocia’, naturally inspired by Turkey. It is an appetizer consisting of amberjack rice, two sauces, one with coffee and a fake nougat. As you all know, the nougat contains honey and I didn’t even want to use it It does not cover the fish flavor.Being also an appetizer, I didn’t want to give it a sweet sensation.So thanks to a study done on soy milk we found that it can give the taste of honey without its sweetness.Converting raw materials is never easy, especially when it comes to organic products. Premium raw is rich in micronutrients, and converting them means taking responsibility for not destroying them.
We have always had a centrifuge, and we also use it for broths. We need it to remove impurities. The newcomer is the ultrasound machine. It allows us to improve the vegetables and make the meat particularly tender in half the time.”

Heinz the cook, scientist, chemist, But also the guide his battalion is proud of – “We spend more time with employees than we do with family. For me, the relationship with them is key. Some people have been with me for more than twenty years, it is important to create valuable relationships, and it is important that they feel good. In the team. An example above all is Nilo. He had obesity issues and was bullied in his previous job. Since joining us he has lost a lot of kilograms and is finally happy. He confessed to me with tears during a car trip. It really moved me.”
After the usual claps, autographs and photos, Chef Beck got a way out to run to the station and take the train to Rome. This evening service, your brigade is waiting for you. Do not order the heart.

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