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“The worst defeat since the collapse of the Soviet Union” –

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Many Russian analysts, even close to Putin, responded strongly to the withdrawal from Kherson. Some invoke the “iron fist”; Others asserted that it was a “strategic move”

Worst defeat since the collapse of the Soviet Union“.

Three days ago he wrote directly to Kherson surrender usually shrewd Sergei Markov the old fox of Putin’s vertical saladAdviser to the President from 2011 to 2019, his alter ego is at the top where there has been a helmet, like bilateral talks with Poland and the Baltic states. His words of despair made an impression. Because they came from loyal to the Kremlinwho received the services provided under the direction of the Institute of Political Research, friend and dinner of such important figures as Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, among others.

“I’m not repentant at all, and I don’t think I exaggeratedHe says, speaking from his home immersed in the forests of Arkhangelsko, a suburb of wealthy Muscovites, populated by politicians and oligarchs. “You can’t pass chocolate on what isn’t chocolate“.

Translated honestly, the sentence would be more blunt than that and would have absolute approval for our cliched way of saying it. But this is precisely the dilemma with which the group of national monitors, practically the entire world of the Russian state media, is struggling. To put it more subtly, like to put on an elegant dress on bad news, that is, the Russian retreat on the east bank of the Dnipro River.

After careful consideration, Markov, a lover of Italy, its food and its culture but still a first-class hawk who theorizes about the need to physically eliminate Volodymyr Zelensky, goes with this, and dusts off the need for full fill between lines. “The victory of Kherson, because that is what it is, must become the last of the Ukrainian armed forces. The reason for their advance in the fall was the simple numerical superiority of their army. But Soon we will turn this balance of power, we must do our best to achieve this goal. Because with the same technical arsenal of warfare, the number of soldiers available would be of great importance.”

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Continue to the end. At least in appearance, The possibility of negotiation exists only in the minds of the Western mediaor an unbiased and highly ineffective observer.

Russian propaganda shuffles the cards in front of its audience, and sleight of hand doesn’t always work. Our cause is just and victory will be ours. Vladimir Solovyov, the king of government talks, turns to Stalin, but his expression betrays disappointment. We have big problems to solveAnd we must do it with an iron fist, not only in Ukraine but also at home.” The target is the class of bureaucrats who are reluctant to arm the army. His rival, Olga Skabieva, presenter of the daily program on Rossiya-1 channel, is less skilled in concealment. “as they say, Make it or brake. Times are definitely not easy. But if we are at this point, it depends a lot on the lack of supplies for the troops.”

“When you put yourself on the surgeon’s table, you must have complete confidence in his hands and his will to win. Otherwise, do not enter the operating room ». And so Viktor Baranets answers the question about the possible mistakes of the Kremlin. The highest-rated military expert in the Russian media has an alternative explanation for the retreat About Kherson. “The aim is to create a line of defense that will prevent the opponent from forcing the river. The forces will be redeployed with the aim of an attack coming, not necessarily in this position. You Westerners are not accustomed to war, you are all now. As General Kutuzov, commander of the Russian forces against Napoleon, said, it is not difficult to occupy the fortress. But winning the campaign takes time and patience“.

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This is also a very frequent quote lately. And it does represent a step toward accepting a situation that many choose to ignore instead, with all due respect to Markov and the few “realists” around him.

Yesterday, the ultra-nationalist channel Tsargrad, owned by the so-called oligarch of the god Konstantin Malofeev, sang victory. “With this maneuver, the Russian forces were able to outrun the Ukrainian forces, having prevented them from all avenues to advance into their positions.”

In the end, perhaps the most informed opinion is Andre Norkinthe idol of housewives, Putin’s big electricians, is a regular guest on an early afternoon talk broadcast on NTV.

“Don’t expect my evaluation,” he said in a flurry of sincerity. “If I say that the decision to withdraw from Kherson is correct, then it turns out that the decision to withdraw from Kherson is an appeal to violate the territorial integrity of Russia, and I risk a few years’ imprisonment. According to Article 280, first paragraph of the Penal Code. On the other hand, if I do not support this solution, then my words can be interpreted as aimed at discrediting the armed forces., an offense punishable in the same manner and in the same article, third paragraph. And therefore, It’s better to be silent“.

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