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The world’s fastest bike is back on the road after a face-lift | Brutal beauty…

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Considered by most experts to be the fastest street motorcycle ever, this legendary Suzuki was built before everything changed: now fans will be able to ride it again.

Do you know what a file is Street motorcycles The fastest in the world? Hard to say because at the beginning of the year 2000 kind of agreement Unwritten between European and Japanese houses put an end to a years-long rivalry. This model made by the most famous Japanese company in the field of two-wheeled vehicles was considered the fastest of all: after all, with a name like that, what can we expect?

What is the model, do you remember? (

Nostalgia on two wheels

Few centaurs probably know this story – the British press confirms it – but before the 2000s, motorcycle manufacturers were engaged in Crazy but sexy The war over who produced the fastest road-legal motorcycle: Because of this dangerous escalation, European governments have put their hands forward. They threatened to ban sportbikes over a certain capacity on the streets to prevent extremely dangerous situations.

Faced with this disastrous prospect from an economic point of view, the major manufacturers agreed through an informal agreement known as the Gentlemen’s Agreement, that is, an agreement that would prevent all brands from producing road bikes At full speed above 300 kilometers per hour, a rule that was later evaded on various occasions. But this is not the time to talk about it…

Two terrifying wheels

Before this convention, what is the most powerful and fastest motorcycle for sale? According to many, neither of the two wheels ever came close to the Suzuki Hayabusa 1999: It’s true Two-wheeled rocket whose name means “peregrine falcon” in Japanese, the fastest bird of prey in the world lived up to its title with no less than 1348 cc of displacement for an effective 197 hp.

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All this according to the journals of the time that tested the bike before the power reduction required by a gentlemen’s agreement translated into a top speed of 312 kilometers per hour, which would make the original Suzuki Hayabusa a road motorcycle The fastest ever mass produced. Yes we said “original” because the two wheels are back on the road!

Two copies for two prices

A year later, Suzuki is about to retire At least temporarily From Moto GP for Focus on environmental transformationannounced the arrival of a special version of the Suzuki Hayabusa for 2023 called the GP Edition, paying homage to the long tradition that the Japanese company can boast of in the world’s top motorcycle racing championship.

Hayabusa Web Source 27_11_2022 MondoFUoristrada
Livery for the new Hayabusa GP (

The all-new Hayabusa Edition sports a livery inspired by the upcoming Scuderia Ecstar Moto GP car which It doesn’t look bad at all On the road: As it turns out, the bike line has received some small aesthetic changes that make it more aggressive even if top speed is expected to remain limited as per the agreement between the manufacturers.

The motorcycle is on sale for 23,940 euros, a rather high price that exceeds the basic Hayabusa price: for collectors this could be an acceptable solution since it is likely to Very special It will become highly sought after by collectors in the future. Will you try to catch him? Recommended only for highly experienced motorcyclists.

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