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The Witcher: New Foolishness about why Henry Cavill said goodbye | Television

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farewell Henry Cavill to the series the magician He provoked great indignation among the fans, a situation that could worsen if rumors regarding his farewell are confirmed.

In fact, Redanian Intelligence revealed that Geralt’s translator had begun assuming that the series would already be abandoned after the second season due to some disagreements with the producers regarding the contents of the series and Geralt’s role.
In fact, Cavill declared, during the promotion of the season:

The hardest part for me was finding the balance between the viewer’s vision and my love of novels, and trying to bring that Geralt into the viewer’s vision. It’s about walking a fine line; It’s the story of the series and so it’s an adaptation. The hard part was finding a place for Geralt for Books within this reality and being able to give the best of both.

The actor added:

The things I insisted on weren’t necessarily more dialogue, but it was about bringing Geralt to screen more nuanced than narratives. All my questions and requests were about more fidelity to the source material.

Currently, Henry and the producers have not commented on what happened other than the content of the posts that were announced. According to new updates that have surfaced online, the rest of the cast should return regularly and join new protagonist Liam Hemsworth.

What do you think of the rumors about the possible reason why Henry Cavill said goodbye to The Witcher?

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source: Redanian المخابرات intelligence

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