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From Paleocaba High School to Silicon Valley

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Roviko – a funny and adventurous story of an inexperienced man. as Paolo Bergamo (top photo), a former student at Paleocaba Science High School in Rovigo, spoke to current students to describe his career path after high school and university training. “I decided to study as much as I could at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Ferrara – he said. After my thesis on telecommunications, I dedicated myself to a PhD, but I got a job offer. Research program in Los Angeles for UCLA with a grant of $21,000 per year. I was 29 years old and flew for the first time; As it was November, I packed my luggage with sweaters and realized it was 27 degrees out there! I needed to find a job, so I turned to large companies where I could work as a programmer, but with modest results. Then some “serial entrepreneurs” turned to me A Business Idea on Blackberry: They wanted to put the same programs on cell phones as on computers. A couple of years later the company was acquired Salesforce, the world’s #1 enterprise software company. It has a capital 30 billion, 70,000 employees, a 100-fold growth in 15 years. The first iPhone was introduced in 2007, e The following year I was invited by Copertino: it was Steve Jobs who asked me to collaborate. That’s how I created the first app on the App Store, telling myself to call home what I was alive for before I was put in solitary confinement without a phone or computer for a month. After 15 years in America, I began to think it was time for a change of perspective; I was approached by OverIt of Udine, a company specializing in the field of innovation that I intend to expand internationally.

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The meeting with Bergamo was warmly appreciated The 200 youngsters in the room understood that determination, courage and a good training ground are the right catalysts for a better life.

The next guest to look forward to is Wednesday, April 12, at 10 a.m. in the Auditorium, Rodijina. Laura Ferrara (Photograph). Graduating from Paleocaba in 1984, he later graduated in astrophysics at Padua and specialized at the prestigious John Hopkins University in Baltimore. Already in the 90s he worked on the Hubble telescope, worked at the California Institute of Technology, then became a professor first at Rutgers University and then at the University of Victoria in Canada. Today, in addition to teaching, he directs the Canadian National Research Council’s Herzberg Astrophysics Program, is Vice-President of the International Astronomical Union and actively works on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. Over the years it has received accolades such as the Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and membership of the Royal Society of Canada.

Laura Ferrarese will talk about her high school and research journey, explain what Paleocaba gave her, describe her studies and show some of the results of her research on black holes.

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