Home entertainment The whole truth about Sulli Sorge’s mysterious boyfriend

The whole truth about Sulli Sorge’s mysterious boyfriend

The whole truth about Sulli Sorge’s mysterious boyfriend

His name is Carlo, he is a Sicilian and the owner of an events agency.

outside and inside big brother vip house, they’re all crazy about it: we’re talking about it Soleil rise, Italian-American influencer, former suitor to men and women and formerly drowned on Famous Island. In a grand loft in Cinececittà, some competitors continue to turn their heads while others find the beauty and charm of a girl with a determined, daring and charismatic personality. Although flirting with some vibes, including of course Alex Bailey and Gianmaria Antinolfi (Ex-boyfriend) taut and steady, she only has one person: she”Superman“Waiting for you outside a house.

But what do we know about Sulli Sorge’s mysterious friend?

According to what was revealed by the magazine spendSuperman calls himself Carlo But the surname is kept strictly confidential. Sicily, owner of a very events and privacy agency. Here’s how they met and what Sully had to say about him:

“I used to live with walls and fears but I’m willing to welcome something beautiful. This is the first time someone has been able to shake this stuff off with such confidence. It’s the thing that amazes me…although I’m a young man I’ve seen it often also not on my skin “, . said It is located in the House of Big Brother Vip.

“My eyes were very open. Today I had another confirmation of everything. He’s someone I’ve known for four years. This summer we met again after breaking up with his girlfriend. We started seeing each other. Friendship and I didn’t want to rush into anything because when you leave a relationship You are not ready. Then this summer it happened that I was going back to Rome and had to go to Naples to work and he put off the call to have lunch with me.”

still: “We told each other that we would go on a trip together one day and play a game. Whoever wins the bet chooses where to go on the trip. I always won and I did it on purpose to organize the trip as I liked… .and won.”

“I go back to Milan with friends the night I met Sophie. He wrote to me telling me he had an idea for me and he brought me Florio’s book with dedication: ‘I hope Sicily, the land of great magic, strong feelings can help you find your enlightenment’ which makes me understand He wants to go to Sicily.”

“Two days later we arrived in Palermo and stayed there for twenty days. We wear the same perfume and we have the same musical tastes… It’s ridiculous.” Sulli confessed several times that he was in love From ‘Superman’ and he’s the lucky one looks a perfect match. a few days ago, Three planes flew over the house with love letters from him.

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