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The popularity of metal roofing today

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Today, metal roofs are one of the most popular solutions in private construction. This is not surprising, because the material has many advantages: durability, ease of use, and excellent appearance. At the same time, building a roof from metal tiles is not expensive compared to other roofing coverings. At FALX Metal Roofing Toronto you can buy metal tiles in Canada at a low price. To understand the cost of installation, you need to decide what kind of roof structure you will have for metal tiles.

Roofs under metal tiles without insulation are simple in their “pie” and installation accordingly. This choice is perfect for the reconstruction of old private houses. For new construction on this type of roof, it is worth choosing in cases where you do not plan to use the attic space, and the insulation will take place along the ceiling. It is worth noting that a structurally cold roof made of metal tiles differs little from the same types when using other roofing materials. The main thing to note here is: firstly, the correct choice of counter-batten height (at least 50 mm), for sufficient ventilation, and secondly, the correct choice of under-roof waterproofing. For a cold roof made of metal tiles, it is necessary to use only anti-condensation as a water barrier. If in the future there is a possibility of insulating the roof and turning it into an attic, then only a superdiffusion membrane should be used.

Advantages of metal tiles

  1. Even taking into account the rising prices at the level of other materials, it is an inexpensive roofing covering. And given proper installation, the service life is approximately 50 years.
  2. Fire resistance. All components that are used in the manufacture of metal tiles are not subject to combustion and do not even smolder.
  3. The approximate weight of the sheet is only 5 kg. In turn, this greatly facilitates installation, is suitable for buildings of any type, including those with a weak foundation, does not place a large load on the walls and, which is also important, reduces the cost of transportation several times.
  4. Resistance to any weather conditions. It has a well-thought-out structure. The polymer included in its composition plays a significant role. Thanks to him, the tiles are suitable for any climate. It is not afraid of mechanical damage, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation, and precipitation.
  5. Attractive appearance. Externally, metal tiles are similar to natural tiles. It not only looks very beautiful but also protects the house from bad weather for many years. A wide palette of colors will highlight your home and attract the spellbound glances of passersby.
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The affordable price of metal tiles

In addition to carefully selected high-quality materials, special attention should be paid to installation. It is not enough to simply buy durable metal tiles; it is also very important to adhere to consistency during construction (remember that the minimum roof slope must be at least 14 degrees.) If you adhere to these rules, then the service life of your roof will last you a very long time.

Over the years, the number of manufacturers of metal tiles has become much larger than before; accordingly, the demand for them has increased, and prices fluctuate from medium to high. Metal tiles differ in size, color, and profile type. The color saturation and durability depend on the quality of the coating. The most popular are dark brown and burgundy tiles. These shades are considered the most practical and are very similar in color to natural tiles.

Roofing – how to choose the right one?

Building a house requires carefully thinking through the work plan and wisely selecting all the necessary materials. Although the roof is not the very first stage of this process, it receives considerable attention during design. Among roofing options, metal tiles occupy a leading position today. It is preferred due to its long shelf life, external presentation, and high-performance characteristics of the finished product.

There is a wide range of metal tiles on the market. In order to choose the appropriate option, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters.

Metal roofing

Basically, metal tiles are sheets of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.35 – 0.55 mm. The quality of the material largely depends on the thickness of the metal used. This parameter should be taken very carefully: unscrupulous manufacturers often overestimate the parameters of the steel layer on paper. If in doubt, it is easy to check the thickness using a micrometer.

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The zinc layer is more difficult to measure. Here you will have to rely on the seller’s honesty. Metal tiles with the longest service life have a zinc layer of 275 g/sq.m, and a minimum layer of 80 g/sq.m, usually from a Chinese manufacturer with a minimum metal thickness of 0.35 – 0.4 mm.

Protection of roofing material

From exposure to the environment, galvanized steel sheets are covered with a layer of polymer. Its most durable and expensive variety is considered to be matte-modified polyurethane, which has high resistance to environmental influences. An alternative is polyester, which is also in demand, but inferior in a number of indicators.

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