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The whole program from January 15-20

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The weekend is upon us and the fans football (e fantasy football) are about to prepare everything necessary to follow their fantasy teams or players. But it not only opens a new turn for league, because what actually unlocks is 3 in a row amazing Six consecutive days of non-stop football , daily instigated between Italian Championship and Cup. Again, it will be possible to follow everything online, from a smartphone, tablet or PC, or using the applications installed on your Smart TV.

To follow all the challenges in the broadcast, two applications are enough: DAZN and Infinity. Moreover, for maximum convenience, it is possible to take advantage of the available offer again for a few hours afterwards Amazon Fire TV Stick, with which you can access both the app and the other: Amazon dongle is available with 38% off for only €24.99, which you can also bring your free time to life through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Rai Play and much more.

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In the days when stadium capacity is back to a minimum to keep fans healthy, all that’s left is to temporarily sit on the sofa, turn it over to the curve, and hope their teams stay in the spring. Struggle for an ambitious goal. In the meantime, here’s the program for these six days without breaks.

6 continuous days of football broadcasts

This is the calendar of scheduled challenges:

Saturday 15 January

  • Sampdoria – Turin (15:00) dazn
  • Salernitana – Lazio (18:00) dazn
  • Juventus – Udinese (20:45) dazn
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Sunday January 16

  • Sassuolo – Verona (12:30) dazn
  • Venice – Empoli (15:00) dazn
  • Rome – Cagliari (18:00) dazn
  • Atalanta – Inter (20:45) dazn

Monday January 17

  • Bologna – Naples (18:30) dazn
  • Milan – Spezia (18:30) dazn
  • Fiorentina – Genoa (20:45) dazn

Tuesday January 18

  • Lazio – Udinese (17:30) endless
  • Juventus – Sampdoria (21:00) endless

Wednesday January 19

  • Sassuolo – Cagliari (17:30) endless
  • Inter – Empoli (21:00) endless

Thursday January 20

  • Rome – Lecce (21:00) endless

This will be followed by one rest day, scheduled for Friday 21st January, after which we will return to the field. Back on DAZN, back on broadcast. On a smartphone if you’re having dinner with friends, on Fire TV if you already have one Put in the cart.

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