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Hockey, Cordiano’s mastiffs from devastated Saronno: 6 to 2 against Como

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VARESE – Lombard’s magical derby ended with a yellow-black victory 6 to 2, almost out of the realm of dreams: a fantastic crowd (sold out at the Acinque Ice Arena), a team capable of directing a match on the spot. Eve predictable and complicated. A lavish match for the Gialloneri who play the first Christmas game and a sarcastic and fruitful second half.
Varese’s rise from the first moments of the match. Como goalkeeper D’Agate comes under pressure and surrenders at 4’55″ to Raimondi’s near miss, who repeats a double shot into the net, first by Desautels and then by Vanetti. Mastiffs don’t concede anything and D’Agate is the best on Raimondi and repeats himself on Franchini. Como fails to strike, not even when Dinicola starts off fast but is stopped by Schina’s stick. After several dangerous moves, the Gialoneri doubled their lead, again with Raimondi, who was quite adept at finding the poisonous ice scraper that went diagonally to the left of the keeper. Varese did not find the trio, nor with Berroso sending a wide from 3 metres, nor with M. Mazakani who raised his goal a lot. At the end of the period, a penalty kick against Varese gives Como the opportunity to play hard at the start of the second half. In the second half, 3 minutes were enough for Franchini to score from an assist from Drolet, while in the 28th minute the Italian-Canadian once again blew up the yellow-black Acinque Ice Arena poker field, after a shot from distance.
Soon after, it was Desautels who gave Franchini a puck for the flying touch that pierced the goalkeeper. Como didn’t even take advantage of the powerplay: instead, it was Varese who caught Piccinelli thanks to a stone from distance that slipped under the crossroads.
In the third period, there was room for Como’s two goals, which were scored by two foreigners, Larian. Mastiffs tried to extend the tally, but Como’s defense held up well. The Gialoneri are in control, despite the two goals from their opponents.

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On Saturday evening the engagement will be away in one of the most difficult and complex arenas, namely with Caldaro, for a showdown at the top that could mean a lot to the Mastiff.


HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla, (30 Dalla Santa), 3 Schina, 7 Desautels, 22 E. Mazzacane, 33 Fanelli, 37 Belloni, 69 Bertin, 71 Piccinelli, 9 Drolet, 12 Franchini, 13 Cordiano, 15 Tilaro, 16 Vanetti , 19 Allevato, 27 M. Mazzacane, 32 P. Borghi, 55 Piroso, 88 Privitera, 91 Raimondi, 97 Odoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

COMO HOCKEY: 24 D’Agate (40 Tesini), 3 Codeb, 7 De Biasio, 8 Fusini, 23 Ambrosoli, 28 Paramidani, 44 Taufer, 55 Re, 9 Ghiglione, 15 Caletti, 16 Formentini, 17 Gasparini, 18 Dinicola, 27 Marcati, 29 Vola, 37 Harwell 71 Pirelli, 73 Guaita. Coach: Massimo Da Rin

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY – Como Hockey 6-2 (2: 0 4: 0 0: 2).


4’55” (HCMV) Raimondi (Vanetti, Desautels) PP1, 12’41” (HCMV) Raimondi (Piroso, Vanetti), 23’56” (HCMV) Franchini (Drolet), 28’36” (HCMV) Franchini ( Schina, M. Mazzacane) PP1, 29’49” (HCMV) Franchini (M. Mazzacane, Desautels), 36’51” (HCMV) Piccinelli (M. Mazzacane) SH1, 46’07” (HC) Harwell (Dinicola, Ghiglione), 56’30” (HC) Dinicola (Harwell, Re).


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