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The Watcher, the new horror series on Netflix, is causing unpleasant consequences for its viewers

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Ryan Murphy Hit again: the mind behind american horror story These days they are backed up Netflix A new horror series observer. According to a study, there are indeed some surprising and unpleasant consequences for the public.

Available from October 13th, it’s likely to have exceeded the expectations of the platform and the creators themselves. As revealed by a study conducted by Netflix itself, observer Causing sleep problems for viewers. Those who watched the series reported difficulty sleeping and an increase in nightmares.

At the same time, they would also grow up 527% are looking for treatments for insomnia problems Overnight. Netflix has relied on sleep psychologist Katherine Hall to analyze the phenomenon behind watching horror movies and series. “Nightmares are mostly caused by stress, and horror movies are specially designed to heighten emotions» Reads the report from ScreenRant.

still: “They use psychological tricks to create illusions of suspense and danger, causing stress and anxiety. and then We carry this pressure with us in bedwhich makes our brains unable to relax and disconnectSo all this is nothing more than a response of the body to strong stimuli.

The reason for this unpleasant reaction is A story based on true events subordinate Broadus familyTortured by a stalker the moment she buys the house. In fact, the couple never moved, but the series took a different turn. in the series observerAnsar Bobby Cannaval and Naomi Watts They are the Brannocks, a family living a true nightmare from the moment they move into an idyllic neighborhood.

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Did you see him? Have you had the same anxiety and sleep problems? Let us know in the comments.

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