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The Walking Dead series about Rick and Michonne coming in 2023: it will replace the movies!

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Good or bad news? With an amazing evolution of the board the walking Dead, AMC has (seemingly permanently) closed the supplemental movie trilogy option on Rick Grimes. He exchanges it for an opportunity dedicated to his reunion with Michonne. Here are all the exciting details!

We thought we’d seen them all, and there’s nothing left to say after that AMC . panel Was preparing to close with The Walking Dead Grand Final TrailerWhich showed us what we will find in the next few episodes. The last episode ever, however, was expected for us among the big developments with Scene picture for The Walking Dead 11. Instead… Comic Con, as we all know by now, it turns into a moving event capable of sending any franchise into a state of collapse. If there is something to advertise, most of all, this is the place to do it.

And in the case of TWD, most important of all is the return of Rick Grimes, especially if it puts an end to the series’ transition to the big screen. Four years after announcing his departure from Comic-Con in 2018, AMC announced today that Andrew Lincoln will reprise his role as Craig Grimes alongside Danai Gurira as Michonne in a new series in 2023. on AMC. This development comes after several years of planning for a promised and hopeful film trilogy that was meant to be an unprecedented sequel to TWD. Today’s announcement makes it clear The series is in six episodes (at least as a starting point) It will replace the movies.

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There is no secondary title yet, but it is one Summary More than comprehensive it was advertised: “This series features An epic love story of two changing characters from a changing world. Separate by distance. From an unstoppable force. from the ghosts of who they were. Rick and Michonne will be pushed into another world, built on a war against the dead. And in the end, a war against the living. Will they be able to find themselves in a place and situation completely different from what they had known before? Will they be enemies? Lovers? victims? The winners? For a long time without each other, will they still be alive or will they find out that they are the walking dead as well?

Dan McDermott, President of AMC Studios, said:This is the moment fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for Since Rick disappeared on the helicopter early in the ninth season and Michonne went looking for him in the following season. We couldn’t be more excited for a truly epic series finale later this year and to see the return of Andy and Danny in a new series they helped create, one of three new series arriving in 2023 that complement the characters’ stories.“. Lincoln and Gurira are also executive producers on the show. What do you think that? Do you prefer movies? Tell us in the comments!

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