Home entertainment Gf Vip, Thriller: “Oriana Follows A Script”

Gf Vip, Thriller: “Oriana Follows A Script”

Gf Vip, Thriller: “Oriana Follows A Script”

Gf Vip, Thrilling Story:

According to some rumors, Gf Vip rival Oriana Marzoli will follow an in-house scenario. Will it really be like this?

Oriana Marzolisince she entered Casa del Gf Vip, she has always been talked about because of her strong personality and also For his love affairs with some vipponi. At first she was actually linked to Daniele Dal Moro but also expressed a preference for Antonino Spinalbes. with the latter, later, She also let herself go under the covers. However, after a few days, giffino finally took a step back and decided to shut down the relationship due to some vippona attitude.

Oriana, having recovered from the disappointment of “The Date” with Antonino Spinalpes, I got closer and closer to Luca Onestini. But nothing happened between them, even if it is not known whether there was only friendship between them or something else. A lot on the web is hinting that the two gifs love each other but they are in a very specific situation, Neither intends to make advances towards the other.

Finally, in recent weeks, the Venezuelan influencer has moved closer and closer Daniel Del Moro. Many on social media believe that his latest approach to Givino could be that “strategic” or “temporary” outcome, after being “rejected” by Luca Onestini. But how are things really? And Oriana will actually follow a script inside the house?

Gf Vip, does Oriana follow a script?

Alfonso Signorini took care to reveal everything and put the cards on the table a few minutes ago during previews for tonight’s episode. Linking live with Antonino Spinalbes, in confession, he asked his opinion on the situation between Oriana and Daniel. And so he took advantage of it to ask specific questions:”Did you expect Oriana to approach Daniele?“still”Does he repeat the scenario for you?“Finally”Is Daniel a surrogate?“.

Antonino, laughing embarrassed, admitted to To expect it from Oriana who would have taken care of Daniel. But at this point, we need to understand something else: Is Oriana really interested in Danielle, or is she just “back up”?


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