April 24, 2024

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BioShock 4, leak reveals title, location and much more

bioshock It is a story loved by a large number of players, which in three chapters has managed to excite thousands of users thanks to its gameplay and – above all – truly suggestive locations.

The first trilogy It actually became a religious sect in a very short time, so much so that the next time Bioshock 4 It is clearly at the top of the list of most anticipated titles.

what we know Episode 4 should actually contain the open world elements of the episodewith real Side Missions To complete an extensive narrative. Apparently, a leaker has now revealed a lot of other information about the game, including the alleged title.

As I also mentioned player, account Twitter OopsLeaks – the name says it all – has released what appears to be unofficial new information about the game, including Temporary name The old slogan.

apparently titled Bioshock insulationIn fact, the game’s development had to go through years of development unharmed as well as a health emergency, which would then have resulted in a name change that has yet to be revealed.

But not only that: the new chapter can be set in a new miserable city of the unliberated, as well as move thanks to its decidedly variety and strength. Unreal Engine 5.

Who knows whether the phantom “war” between two mirror cities will be shown, like the end Infinite Bioshock Gently nod.

Below, an insider tweet:

In addition to, isolation It will be under development by some veterans of stray games Plus other programmers who worked on it Watch Dogs: Legion, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mafia 3 e Deus Ex: MD.

Finally the fourth announcement bioshock It must happen no later than First quarter of 2022. Obviously, we repeat taking this information, which has not yet been officially confirmed, with the proverbial tongs.

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While waiting for the new chapter, I already saw that a fan decided to re-create the first unforgettable chapter Unreal Engine Power Harness?

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