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No, this UN. The plane did not bring troops to Canada

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It was posted on Facebook on February 21, 2022 A video It shows a woman talking, and a white plane with the letter “A” appears behind her. The man said in English that he was in the northern bay of Ontario (Canada) and that the plane was carrying UN troops (United Nations) In Canada. There are also pictures with this comment written by the person who posted the post on Facebook: “The United Nations and others by name are flying in support of Trudeau’s dictatorship.”

Since the end of January 2020, there has been a struggle against compulsory vaccination in Ottawa (Ontario). On February 18, police forces They were arrested 70 protesters in the Canadian capital. Post subject to verification, thanks to indestructible aircraft to suppress opposition to duty to vaccinate, UN. Says troops would have arrived in Canada.

This is false news.

Get in touch with fellow truth checkers Associated Press, Farhan Haq (UN Deputy Spokesman) Denied Unsubstantiated information stating that “it is wrong to say that the United Nations is stationing or stationing troops in Canada.”

Let’s go to the plane. How Verified From a Canadian broadcaster CTV NewsThe plane actually operated in Jordan’s Amman for more than a year, then returned to Canada on January 29th. Melchior ScoreSpokesperson Chorus Aviation Inc.A Canadian company that owns several regional airlines, a Ctv News We can confirm that the aircraft in question was “one of our facilities in North Bay for several weeks for routine maintenance”. So the presence of aircraft in Canada has nothing to do with the struggles taking place in the country.

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