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Hockey: Idelfox is looking for a historic semi-final against Sarzana

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Grosseto: the Edilfox Skater Club It’s having an extraordinary season, one that could become historic on Saturday night. Children of Michelle Akilion the friendly Mario Barry course in Via Mercurio (starts at 20:45), you have a great opportunity to close Quarter-final against Gama SarzanaThanks to Wednesday’s away win against Vecchio Mercato (5-2 in the final) with a performance from a top-class team, ruthless in attack and impenetrable in defence.

Saavedra and his comrades had the opportunity in front of their audience, which was recently the sixth player on the field, to rewrite the history of the red and white club. In its more than seventy years of existence, CP has reached the podium only once (in 1975 behind Novara and Bregans), but has never been to a championship semi-final. In the red and white hem there is the utmost caution for the second game against the Ligurians, who will put their hearts behind the hurdle after an obvious inside slip, even if Edilfox shows great maturity, the proper grit and the necessary focus, which never happens. Let the target out of sight.

The Grosseto team wants to end the series with the Ligurians and start thinking about the next opponent (Trissino or Valdagno, who will play Match 3 on Sunday), also because it could be dangerous to reach the end on Wednesday 3 May, even if they will play again on the track in the midst of Athlete at Via Mercurio. And speaking of crowds, another full house is expected Saturday night, which will kick up hockey fever in the city.

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“The Circolo Pattinatori is the pride of the sport of Grosseto,” said LThe Honorable Fabrizio Rossi presenting the qualifiers And on Saturday the red and white boys will try to make the town prouder.

“We understand that Sarzana will try to get the series back on its feet,” he confirmsRed and white coach Michel Achille – For this we will need the utmost focus and determination to close the accounts immediately and celebrate a semi-final that compensates us for the sacrifices we have made during the year. Taking it to the third game would be too risky, and I honestly don’t want to risk it. To achieve our goal, I now expect an important contribution from the public, who with their passion can be decisive in the final outcome of Race 2 ».

Mr. Achille is closely following the development of the injury to Alessandro Franchi, an irreplaceable pawn on the red and white chessboard, who was knocked out in Sarzana fifteen minutes from the end, after sustaining a badly bruised knee. The player, originally from Follonica, underwent some skeletal tests that seemed to have prevented any injuries. “The existence of Alessandro,” Achilles asserts, “is highly questionable. For now I would like to say no, but let’s hope it gets better on Saturday night.”

the others players Available in: Menichetti, Sassetti; Jabal, Nasivic, Saavedra, Rodriguez, de Oro, Bagi, Capella. Sarzana will have to dispense with Francesco de Reinaldes, who was sent off after receiving a red card for a foul on Bagé.

the reviewer: Matteo Galluppy and Louis Anthony Hyde.

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Match schedule.

foreplay: Valdagno Bassano 4-3, 1-1; Vercelli Monza 4-3, 4-3.

Quarterfinals. Race 1: Valdagno-Tricino 6-3, Galileo Follonica-GDS Empiante Forte dei Marmi 2-1 (after extra time), Gama Sarzana-Edelfox 2-5, Ingas Vercelli-Wasquin Lodi 1-3.

Race Two: Trecino Valdagno 3-0, Edelfox Grosseto Gama Sarzana, GDS Forte dei Marmi Galileo Follonica and Askine Lodi Ingas Vercelli. Race 3: Sunday, April 30, Trissino-Valdagno.

Semi-finals: 10/5, 13/5, 17/5, maybe 20/5, maybe 24/5.

the last 27/5, 31/5, 3/6, maybe 7/6, maybe 10/6.

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