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“The Tsar never went to Kherson”

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Among the most discussed theories about the Russia-Ukraine war, one prevails and concerns the Kremlin boss: Vladimir Putin will have a weakness (for others more) who supersedes The original Tsar “For the most dangerous event for your safety.” More than a year after the start of the war, Putin’s yellow has grown more and more. This time though, there seems to be stronger evidence, eg scar In the wake of Operation Throat and statements of journalists and politicians.

Have you seen double Tsar in Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin’s visit to the occupied territories of Ukraine was orchestrated and carried out by a look-alike of the Russian president. This was stated by the National Security and Defense Adviser of Ukraine, Oleksey DanilovStressing that the real Putin only meets closely with people who have spent the quarantine period. First of all, there was no Putin. To connect with the real Putin You must spend at least 10-14 days in quarantine. “There was no Putin, but one of his comrades has more than one,” Danilov was quoted by Ukraine’s Pravda news agency as saying. Putin was now a “scared” man, he said, recalling that foreign guests were seated some distance from him. Yesterday, the Kremlin published a video clip in which Putin visited the Russian military headquarters in the occupied areas in the Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Luhansk.

That suspicious scar

Doubts had already come to light Orthodox Easter From April 16th. A tweet posted by a Russian user shows pictures of the Tsar’s visit to the Orthodox temple for the Easter Mass. On the very thin face, the Russian direction of the event would have tried to correct it by shooting Putin from afar and from below.

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Vladimir Putin’s visit Cathedral of Christ the Savior During the Easter Mass, an interesting detail came to light: on the tsar’s neck you can see a suspicious scar, also noticed by viewers and web users. In recent months, many have postulated theories about the state of the Russian president’s health: some have claimed he had it cancerthe Parkinson’s disease or both. But the Kremlin has repeatedly stated that the Russian president is in good health. However, the rumors intensified after the Orthodox Easter service last Sunday.

People’s deputy Alexei GoncharenkoIn turn, he said that Putin did not look very good during the broadcast and could hardly move, and in the photo, according to him, a scar on his neck is clearly visible. “If you look closely, you’ll find they are pretty much the same to the letter Z. “Obviously, he underwent surgery,” Goncharenko said.

Even the Ukrainian journalist and blogger Dennis Kazansky drew attention to the “upgrading” of the oligarchy. According to the reporter, the tsar was forced to undergo surgery: if medical treatment did not help, the patient’s thyroid gland was usually removed. Some web users pointed out that even six months ago, the media wrote about Putin’s possible thyroid cancer while supporting the idea that Putin had surgery. chords Vowels.

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