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“The truth is that the situation will only get worse,” said the former Russian colonel on state television. And a former captain: «Bankruptcy» –

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Mikhail Khodarionok, a military analyst and former colonel, denies lies about the “low morale” of the Ukrainian army. As more and more ex-soldiers openly criticize the Ministry of Defense: ‘Mission failed’

Russian propaganda has so far maintained a very violent image on Russian state television. But something seems to have changed – especially in recent days – in Moscow.

In the past few hours, during the most popular Russian talk show, Mikhail Khodarionok – a former colonel and now an expert in military affairs – surprised everyone, saying that the information about the demoralization of the Ukrainian forces was “wrong”, and this is in fact Ukrainians “are very enthusiastic and ready to die for their country” (whose existence Putin questioned), and that Russia is “in a position of complete geopolitical isolation,” with countries like India and China “not quite on our side.” “In fact, even if we hate to admit it, the whole world is against us,” he said, adding that “the situation will only get worse.”

His position – expressed by the stage most closely followed by the Russian public: as if “lowering” the expectations of the Russians regarding a “special operation” that has not yet gone according to plan – joins the positions of small, but growing handful of ex-soldiers who are now not critical Publicly the commander in chief, but General Shoigu – his defense minister.

On May 13, Igor Girkin – the former commander of the pro-Russian forces in the Donbass – gave fiery words against the holder of the Moscow defense: “I directly accuse Shoigu, at least, of criminal negligence,” he said, in a video clip. featured on his Telegram channel. “I don’t have evidence of him accusing him of treason either, but I doubt it.”

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Jerkin – aka “Strelkov”, a “sniper” – accused of murder in the Netherlands for the role he allegedly played in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014: his “right” criticism of asking Putin to increase military drop The Russian war by increasing forces and means in the field.

In recent weeks, Chechen Ramzan Kadyrov has styled himself in the same way, while Marat Gabidulin, a former mercenary in the Kremlin, told Reuters on May 10 that Russian troops were sent to Ukraine without adequate training.

Gabidulin participated in Wagner’s expeditions to Ukraine before leaving the group in 2019.

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